November 21st, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Little by Big

Poor Me, Aloof, Interrogator, Intimidator..

We see each of these within us to degrees, we know where and how of them, vibrating through evolution seeking higher vibratory levels, feeding on the energies of all, realizing, contemplating personal paradigms, the energy games we play.. we don`t want to play them, they do more than push and pull, the scatter energies in all directions, leaving us all feeling drained. We don`t try to drink others energies, to inhale them, we often find them tainted with pains and PRECEPTS. Drama,

See the energy fields? Feel them?

1. A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences.
2. Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion.

1. Something, such as a thought or conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity.

(trary to seven senses) not seen, felt or sensed, due to contraryness, they may be believed, never formed, forms they apply to, exist in advance of concept, concept merely attempts to describe in words what we sense sensationally. Thus concept is contraire.

Anyone access old prefix/suffix/word root books? OLD ones!
The net defines CON as, `together, hold` and CEPT as `take, sieze, hold`

Existence in truth, truthfully exists through the observation of signal. Signal is sensed and thus we all share an addiction to sensation, sense addicts.

Bounce Bounce.