December 24th, 2006

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

You have just found the portal to a new understanding of higher consciousness and Awareness. This understanding becomes yours when you comprehend the fractalic nature of life, experience, and the physical universe. The first step happens when you realize that the true nature of Reality is limitlessness, or Infinity without dimensional limitations. By contrast, the physical universe we are familiar with exists by virtue of iteration into dimensionality. This dimensionality consists of conceptual limitations placed on the Infinite via a finite quantity of whole dimensions, each infinite in itself, yet limited when compared to Infinity. I write "conceptual" because the limitations are not Real, but exist merely within the conceptual infrastructure of the being doing the perceiving. Because of this, they are illusory with reference to Reality.

Dimensional iteration is repeated through many scales or orders of magnitude. From the whole dimensions are derived the finite dimensional parameters which define what we know of as space/time. We, as beings experiencing human, regard this dimensionality as real only because our space/time perception is also defined by dimensional limitations. Thus, we are able to experience and interact with space/time. The "price of admission" is being prevented (temporarily) from experiencing Infinity. That also means that you, as your current incarnation, have agreed to a temporary loss of memory of who you really are (the entirety of Self).

It is the understanding of the nature of the dimensional iteration that has manifested as the physical universe, as well as the means whereby it was accomplished, that enables the seeker to achieve an untainted comprehension of Self, Awareness, and spiritual Path.