January 3rd, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Today is the Day

We hit the road again and go further from her, from everyone here. Missing them already. Theres a pain in stomach whenever we feel wife in thought.. why why why.

Wish and will, we love her so much still, moving, grooving, we go on while she goes on, knowing that which she knows and growing as she grows.

We are connected.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Power of NOT knowing.

Eckhart Tolle voices the clarity of "it" the great barrier reef of conceptual in-between-us-n-us. Knowing. Knowing is definition, expectation, know we form mirror the know, we signal know, signal expectation, signal energy with energy.. see infinite equational knowing unfolding of all because all expects such to occur. All is always all, even when "one" believes "one" be divided.

"he will speak a new language"

true. necessary. directing directed, require effective language, knowing unknowing possible=possible, impossible=impossible.

"I" do NOT know. "We" unknow. All concepts erase. Detach all paradigm neural branches, (not [re]move)-> dissolve! Wipe "I" "ME" "WE" "ALL", string verbs, string effective verbs. Unknow verbs, unknow to know. Knowing not words but motions, emotions, by feeling/sensing and sensating, sending/channeling, by being conduit.

All colors/resonant frequencies/textures of "feel" are the "cosmic" energy everyone talks about, emotions are energy motions and all is energy thus what do we eat? Emotion! But do we eat it? No. We transfer and squeeze/stretch or flex emotions. What energy exists to taste when we feel for it.

Many taste this energy all the time but were unaware they were swimming in the energy they felt, they felt they as "I"s were sourcing or generating the emotion.. illusion. Many tho who know this energy, know it from singular perspectives and are only recently opening to the everywhereness of emotion. They used to believe that in order to access emotion, psychedelics, trance music, meditation, etc are necessary. See past the "limiting routes" and broaden the access to everyday life.

Know form, know emotional form. Body.