January 14th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Infinity - Prelude to mathematical Madness.

Before we can get into the subject matter of Infinite math, we must first learn of the barriers which prevent us from comprehending or accepting the reality of proceptual refinition.

All terms are defined somewhere and somehow as equal to the roots and branches they stem from. Not just in this way, but also in the synethasia of universal languages crossing over both in definiton and in sound, as we amalgamate and reform giving all credit to cosmic creativity. Thus all words are self explicative when we see them as parts combined to create whole. What tends to be a misnomer is the unilateral unidemensional linearity of definition and the apparent lack of clarity therein. We often tend to define the opposite of something and then append or prepend a reversal letterset in order to get the word.. Instead of saying what it is we say what it is the opposite of. Sillyness isn`t it?

So here is a little hopscothc around words.. let`s see if we can find the right word to descrfibe infinity.. since infinity is obviously not the most apt word..

First the definition:

in·fin·i·ty (n-fn-t) n. pl. in·fin·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being infinite.
2. Unbounded space, time, or quantity.
3. An indefinitely large number or amount.

Now a more apt resolution:
in (CONTAINED) fin (the end of) it (whatever it is) y (branching)

Isn`t it wonderful how the dictionary uses the word infinity to define the word infinity? LOL

un (to take apart) bounded (restraints in the past)

in (contained) de (equal to un) fin (the end of) it (whatever it is) ly (actioning?) gotta get that suffix book from the library again.. but l tends to relate to linearity and y to branching.

So there we see that in order to define the undefinable.. we provide information as to what it is NOT and then reverse that by ^prepending a reversal equation. Simple and UN effective. heh.

So now we move on.. there must be another word more apt around here somewhere.. lets synonymize.. The ONLY synonym thefreedictionary.com gives no longer relates to space, but instead it relates to time.. Which by the way is in truth, motion, or action, verbology.

e·ter·ni·ty (-tûrn-t) n. pl. e·ter·ni·ties
1. Time without beginning or end; infinite time.
2. The state or quality of being eternal.
a. The timeless state following death.
b. The afterlife; immortality.
4. A very long or seemingly endless time

So here we go again.. eternity defined with the word eternal.. hum. Also infinite... hmm so infinite is eternal and eternal is infinite.. well now.. what is it exactly.. space or time? Motion or object?

e (energy) tern (since ter does not exist as a root word.. [Middle English terne, from Old French, from ternes, from Latin terns, accusative pl. of tern, three each, from ter, thrice; see trei- in Indo-European roots.] and once again it (whatever it is) and y (branching)

state relates to static.. denouncing motion and time altogether..
timeless.. tends to suggest less time. Endless also =less end or less than one end.. not bad.. but still not quite positive in meaning.

SOOOO synonymization encore!
NOTE - it`s funny that no antonym is listed (finite)..

Infinitesimally - By infinitesimals; in infinitely small quantities; in an infinitesimal degree. (funny, a number so small it is infinite... daft humanity)

Infinitive mood

every one of these terms begins with a reversal prefix the (in) which is thought to mean (reverse this)

The dictionary... the thesaurus are not really helping here because they never rely on word roots or prefixing/suffixing truths anymore, the only way we define things these days is to give them names that say what they are not, NOT what they be.

For example: OPEN (opposite of end)

The only thing we can do is lose the WORDS altogether and revert to symbology. So what symbol represents infinity aptly... LETTER A, though not the letter A of today... the ALPHA A. Yes we know there is a sideways figure eight that suggests infinity but thats rather obviously inept at refining a procept such as the being of n-directional n-distancal space.. the current infinity symbol is defined, closed, contained and infinity in meaning is NOT.

The old ALPHA symbol with its feet and extended cross section suggests though we sit at point n on the grid, the grid extends ever into forward and back, parallelling our focus. So thats enough for today, call this the fin in it, y? otherside it`ll go on FOR ever.

ev·er (vr)
1. At all times; always: ever hoping to strike it rich.
a. At any time: Have you ever been to Europe?
b. In any way; at all:

funny the thesaurus does not synonym the word EVER for either eternal or infinite.. but it`s about the closest word to an actual positive refinition existing found thus far and naturally it just flowed through.

ps - always for some reason is a time related word... not a space related one.. daft.