January 15th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Was planning on only posting the definition of a new word I learned today but a message from Virgeh had me typing for some time and I feel it necessary to paste the whole here. It helps to clarify some things.

Theres this illusion present all over the place which for some reason I`ve been given the ability to see through, everything happens for reasons much deepr than humanity can ever take credit for...

In the isiaac Asimov book theres this kid who was trained his whole life to NEVER specialize in anything to not think, to absorb information from every direction and to feel that noone had any right to stop him from doing so. It was so he would subconsciously interpret and coalate the information without precepts or bias. Everyone hated him because he was smarter than them, his memory worked differently, he did not take part in banter and small talk and all the trivial day to day things that the majority of the population felt were normal or natural to do.. He could not. He was like an autist in that he could calculate pie nearly indefinately without memorization or calculation..

Jean just provided me with a new word.. one which helps explain qwhy it`s been so difficult for anyone to accept me as I be..

pej·o·ra·tion (pj-rshn, pj-)
1. The process or condition of worsening or degenerating.
2. Linguistics The process by which the meaning of a word becomes negative or less elevated over a period of time, as silly, which formerly meant "deserving sympathy, helpless or simple," has come to mean "showing a lack of good sense, frivolous."

This is what I hear most of the time when someone speaks to me.. i learn more and more each day the truth of words.. the reality of cosmic communication and am aghast at the degeneration of humanities ability to utilize the words that actually mean what they mean..

I don`t dislike anyone, also I don`t like anyone either.. because like and dislike are the same thing. I Am. you Are. We be. The difference is the multiplication of division and the division of multiplication. All of this is clear to me and so much more each day.

Do you know what ASPERGERS SYNDROME is? Look it up and tell me what you feel about it..

resolve is to (re)solve or to solve AGAIN. Which is to say it`s all been solved before. Otherwise it would not exist now.

You don`t have to think about me.. about is a way to say encircling, and why anyone would want to think circles around someone else is beyond me. Or around me, or about me.. whatever.

Even whatever is silly, its a what with a time word, ever. The more I see the truth of the cosmic communication the less you will be able to be near me, because my vibrations will be so high, almost what you would think is chaos or insanity, but in truth it`s just me evolving and what happens when a caveman meets mr future? the caveman does not understand the futureman and clubs him on the head thinking it`s the right thing to do, and blaming the futureman for being no the same.

You are equal to me bro, we are evolving at the same rate now, but you evolve in different areas than I do in order to balance the whole of evolution. It`s not your job to be me and it`s not my job to be you.. but when we come together we are meants absolutely to observe and interpret the evolution of our mirrors in order to accomodate the entirety of all evoilution. It`s not just you observing, it`s mthe form you inhabit integrating the new information you don`t see.

I am an anomaly like neo, I was never allowed to specialize or focus on one thing for long, I was meant to be infinite in eternally infinte directions and to say and do all this things i say and do, no matter the consequences, because they are ALL necessary otherwise I would not have done them. If they are done, they are done and because they are done they cannot be undone. Just in the being are they truth.

I make no apologies for any statement or action. I know I did not make the actions of some egoistic idea of free will, I was forced to do everything I did in this life by the cosmos because I`m not in charge of me. And neither are you.

All the tensions we sense between us and others are necessary tensions. Once you see them as necessary and stop trying to avoid them you begin to give into to the evolution of us all and give away human-ego credit. It`s allright to do this, the more you do it, the less scary it is.

It`s the loss of creature form sensation comforts that has kept humanity from giving in for so long, the illusion of specialness and unspecialness. This will not last much longer though, a very short time indeed since it`s out of our hands so to say.

Friends are family and cannot be unfamiliazed. The exception to this is the regardless rule. Ignoration. I tolerate ignorance everywhere but within me. Though I tolerate it, it is my job to dispell it also, no longer will anyone be allowed to remain ignorant for the future is now and the mayans knew.

Anne understands this in a very different way than I do. So do you.

The people who connect to me in life are those who are meant to, including you. We are very close mirrors in a few spects. Very distant mirrors in others. It`s the distant mirrors that create the tensions and the near ones that make the obviousness of the distant ones clear. I see this now. Others choose not to see. The forms they inhabit though, the bodies see it for them. Dreams try to relay the truths that waking ignores.

Dream is destiny.

Noone special, noone not. Why should I be your friend, why not? theres no answer except energy transfer, sensation and comfort, and I see through all of these now.

Anne and I are through now, it was coming for a long time now and I knew it, I saw it a year ago, and I even know when we will come back together again, it`s obvious once you reach this stage.

Let go virgeh, I`m not holding on anymore, so neither should you.