February 7th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Ramp UOut In Stages

@Man The Believer@ was something of an entry tool- showing clarity. It dissapeared yesterday.. exactly as calculated. Syncronicity and co-incide-ance of learning is wow. big-in-little Aa.

Full on or thinly as lived. Advancement slows when we hold on and keep kissing habits, hugging hardships, loving toil. Letting go, to know, not to know to know not. Success arrives as clarified vision, not ignored or passed along into consequence. An old adage, put not off till tomorrow what ought be accomplished today, lends us wisdom that we not just learn from lessons, but also actualize wisdom slash knowledge in action or lack of action in order to lessen consequences.

Consequence is calculated after effect of Affect. Equilibrium effect, lean forward, lean back. Inhale necessary in order for exhale to recommence, flow of eternal divinity relatively realizing multiplication of trinity through Holy Ghost, Son, and Father.. Unite Range Line Branch Gravitational host, S, F.. not now SF. J Too much Science Faction and children.

A yo-yo so simple, why make it complex? It tells us who to be, noone loves us more, an energy matrix makes us be. We know what we ought do, we do. The way we live a life now upon belief in reality, no matter how I think we grow, obvious to everyone I know, this is crazy. Thinking is NOT ACTING. When we think about smoking, we do not do any harm to ourselves. Now we actualize the lessons and WALK THE TALK. A bit more each day.


WE ARE BODY, we do not refer to BODY as “the body” for in doing so, what we are in truth saying is that “I DO NOT LIVE THERE!!” Is body somehow separate from being? Can body and “I” exisat, YES. Oh,! EX Is AT. Math for another session. Showing how separation is possible. (HOLD)


Back to a beautiful reflection of this face. Only God could create Zion, only God could create a Devil, only God could write a book named Bible, and only God could write a book named Koran, and only God could WRITE EVERY BOOK EXISTING. GOD is a math-equatum. A geometry of Communication. Gee Oh Dee is sat ill as symbols on paper, sounds are older but before sounds, before light and dark, before 2 and 3 dimensions, GOD ranged in just 1. Imagine we are 1, and there is nothing else, as 1, we are dimensionless, formless, void, but definable AS 1. Everywhere around we is there, there, devoid of us, so we do
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadouble up
and then we get interesting, or we ought say a (or an) interest.

About love, talk about love. Love is a linear range of volumetric energy. Love is a focused direction, appreciation towards, a –pressurized you-flow of wow-wonder full respect (looking again, and again, and again), childlike awe a “We ARE REAL!” knowing and “loving” that we know who and what we are in, when we look at us. A motherlike-yet-childlike bi-directional flow of KNOW.

Stepping further into a looking glass, recognize that in us is ourselves, and outside us is also ourselves, whatever we see as damage or “error” outside is because of a b9 disturbance inside, when we let go of paradigms, dismiss habits, outside body begins (aaaaaaaaaaaaconsequence)different sort of results. Just listen to worlds around us, relate what is heard to us in hand or mouth or thought… Know that every-body is an extension of self. An aspect of self given form outside-inside. A parable! Such a way of evolution it!

Opal If Yew Balance Tiger.

Yellow Man, Orange Feet, Orange Snout
Step out of the yellow, and go Yew.

PS - We burned the spectacles this morning (Eye-Glasses)
Do you believe our eyes see perfectly clear?