February 16th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Looking Back..

So long all those pasts, aunrecorded by the mass but viewed and relayed to the whole fractality consequently, syncronicity is on key well above and beyond a mere positional human sensorium as I might know.a Know this, there is music driving at the helm, and it sings and whispers in tones so spectral that ears are only one sense of it all. Synesthaqsia is coming en masse and its right to do it right, we can do it, take the time to do it right... apush.

A flashback to Halifax and amad dashing around the streets there beliueving NOW was time for ascension for everyone else and aI`d sort of follow along aas they tapped my mind for the truths that are so obvious to me. Doesen`t work that way, wasn`t alloweda in the grand scheme of things i am not at the helm of this vessel, I do record the actions, and BELIEVE, or HAVE BELIEVED that it was some "I" that was doing the actions, the push and pull, the inhale and exhale of asensationaal me|I. And truth be to it, I am the body here, more than a mind, more than a structure of matter and mass, more than the ligaments and bones, muscles and fluids, organs and arteries, I am a SENSING. A SENSE THING. AN ENERGY SENSORIUM. And know this, I AM AWARE!

Eyes focus clearly now, leagues under the sea different. Far from done working on them however, if such appreciation ezemplifies results such as these, the possibilities are greater still. New areas of advancements have been zoom-focus, extreme detail up close, pupil dialation(like cats do)..

Just beginnig to evole eyesight is fun. Take notes.