February 17th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Once was blind but now I see. Still a bit lacking in the focal control area, but I see clearly now, the rain is gone. A little more time.. I`m back! Looking baack, I am put in all these memories of opto-imi-trist exa-am-in-a-tions and wondering how this species could have been had in such a manner for so many a year. To be.

Who ever said one ought not stare into the sun obviously never looked at the stars with fervor, or mey it be that Mayana history was not taught in jos day. The Mayans had a nice little contraption they hung on the children in fron of thier faaces to teach them to cross their eyes in order to staar at the sun drectly. On top of that, the little paradigm that goes along with star-gazing is a caution incomplete..

Acclimatize in the eyes. What one does, one does with time aand patience. A little bit is a lot when one begins a thing, each progressive step becomes a bigger one, ;;striding furthur and reaching farthur into the unknown since feaar had kept us from walking into the dark for wonted education.

Optical yoga, sense yoga, everything music, including light. Dance eyesé!