February 18th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Well Come..

We love you all, love is a very broad term, it tends to mean appreciation and a pressurization of a fine line between acceptance and pushing to be all we can be. Find your courage, find your heart, deterine it is time to quit being greedy in material or ingestive directions, give up those flavors, invite new savors, time is changing space and space is moving relatively fast. A focus stems from listening to surge(ourselves-collective source-conduit-human), and to urge(sense stimulation which is "in excess" after, respect the sounds, respect the messages, respect the intentions and respect the parablistic determination of source to get through to you athrough you and everybody else too.

We are truth, we make it up as we go, it comes true because of us and we are true because we came through. None of the above is the action necesasary for progress however, talking, praying, speaking, singing, asking why. all are uni-sensational, and as every human learns, we are seven+-sensational.

Be sensation, push into us by pushing into our senses. Simple, tho begun, seems akin to bending a spoon with thought(minus physical motor skill connected). Remember when Neo got woken up in 1 of 3, his muscles were atrophed because they had never been used before.. what occurred with humaninty over hundreds of years of miseducation, or education in areas neglecting senses, even yoga speaks of pushing ones self aside of the realm of sense in order to somehow be whole, a truth in a sense; but its a truth which falls short of mentioning greater truth: what we as energy-life-forms are for, existing as a species, conscient, aware, omonous in our overbearing manner towards that which sustains us, energy, natural law.

So another advancement, fasting begins tomorrow, a serious month of:

1. no ingestion of water or foods after sunset until sunrise.
2. a strict grouping of can and can not eats, no exceptions.
3. MODERATION! Sloth go away.

Today, binge!!

This month teaches self control. Strange annoyances appear lately in attitude, very literally pointed at Chat or field mice living au Jig.. related to food.. Wi know this is self directed, dissapointment turned inverse so a solemn smacking for continuing to eat too much and accept foods that fall outside of optimum positive progress group. Those foods may be eaten but are swords, math is plain, consequences place progress on a treadmill marching in place and tho much external attention is given to material world, internal spiritual and sensational gets a hand-me-down progress rain-check.

Things have tho, fantastically advanced in the relationship with land and guardian, a "frere de la terre," a name befitting Jeans little brother, will be constructing a hobbit house in spring/summer and will be one of the guardians of this land for life. Liberty be a green future filled with water and laughter.

And what? Shut Up, Just shup up, shur ir up, OH NOOO!

Most of us took it slow,
Thats why we be seeking control,
though we tried to make it work,
examples at hurt and irk
It`s crazy
No more sleeping like a slave eh!
we`ve all been going crazy!

Eyes me and you was just fine, you know
with glasses on we`d see the sun shine
do those things that eyes do when they do
you know, looking at big and small text
you know, things that eyes are supposed to do
I look at you, you look at me too,
I see you a lot, >I see you even more
thats why I do so focus on seeing more
when visual perspective came into focus
we start seeing in the dark and fish eyed lens
all due to appreciation and strong ends
pressurin it
you know why they can be ment
a stretch in them
how could we trust optomatrists, world
how could we believe all those lies
and quick deceptions
wake up just wake up, wake up
smarten up just smarten up

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

goodbye to yesterday


Is anybody out there, spoken by love-color flo-Yd.

We exhaled some wishes, all solidified, awaved, ricocheted, aaaaarealized, and more are glowing and growing clear. We can now build a map of the futura based on re-analysation of the past. We have been to the end, We know how the world REALLY works. We have seen the wiring on the board, outside the learned unspeakable trancendental illusion into the community of contextual shamanism.

Hi me. Going into this was scary at first because it meant looking at myself, looking at us, hard and long and dissolving boundries which led to consequences based on challenge, supression, so forth and so ON.

Remember mention of Chris Smith. It`s been decided, likely in March or early April I will be meeting with him to discuss a contract, the image is being made over-as-we-speak, the voice is developing grandly, a confidence is rising, facial structure is changing, posture, demeanor, character, the whole works, we WILL BE READY.

Realize, musaic is likely the most impactful and influential venue for saturation of the world with information, media, television, radio, message. The medium IS the message and flow depends on grow. Growth in this sector is prime FOR MINISTERING.