February 20th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Becoming a shape shifter. Coming to be a shifter of shapes. Come in G 2 B A Sense A Tie On. Sensationally. Morphing from an old face to a new face is a task few people have dared to attempt, call it facial yoga or unsaving face. No pain no gain, whats pain? is P+A+IN. A-Preciation-IN. A-pressurization. A pressurize-A-Tie-On.é

IO!! Nice to finally be a NON-SMOKER!! Tho a bit of pot still slips in from time to time, it is very nice outdoor free of chemical swords.

Kin 2(Day)
For documentation of the month long, herein lists the variables aof edibility, credibility does not lie but restsa in the up-frontedness of information as to reveal-a-tion. REVELATIONS!

a. 384ml water X 3 (ABOVE and beyond liqui-tea mixes)
b. double pinch gunpowder green tea (cold/ingestion OF/plant matter)
c. double pinch of a mixed tea combining unlabelled teas, will try to get some named for these shortly from papillion.. includes maté
3 anis petals
1 wood chip (unknown name atm)
3 sweet brown bark chips (unknown name atm)
10 little seeds (unknown name atm)
5 cardamon seeds
Large pinch thyme
Large pinch of yellow flower tea (unknown name atm)
Large pinch bran
Large pinch parsley
Small pinch curry, cumin, basil, oregano
1 rasberry teabag contents
5 rosehip halves
2 large pinches of puffy hairy plant (unknown name atm)

9 raisins
1 celery stick (dipped in crushed tomatoes)
1 leaf of lettuce (dipped in crushed tomatoes)
1 kiwi OR 1 orange (cycling)

-GERMINATIONS- A cup(+/-circa)
Chick Pea
um one other..

1 cherry tea on saturdays
1/3 of a cinnimon stick
ALMONDS! Coming soon. Careful with vegetable oilas.

OK so a few things that are added to the mix will be listed daialy.

dA1 + 1/3 grapefruit
dA2 + hamster mix(ing listed shortly) + honey (1/2 bowl)
da3 + 99%cocoa bar(dipped last couple bits in honey)
+ kiwi (extra) + grapefruit + 1 green#white mint
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Nice to see you..

Wow so close to more than perfect and just shy of acceptable. Vision is on. Not stopping till these eyes are shaped like an elves, bigger, bolder, brighter, golder. Just being capable of sitting normally in the chair here and typimg while seeing the screen and the keyboard without moving the next or head. Lots of blinking to reset the focus as I fall off the concentration bandwagon over and over, just as in the realm of b reathing, but then you try focusing on focusing, posture, typing, listening, aand all that simultaneously.. FLex.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Music Industry

So it seems that the future is filled with lyrics and riffs, aa grand piano bandstand jiggy can`t stop no more, gotta sing a new song and whether it be aa mirror in the sky or another plaintive why, make me roll my body out to the doorstep of Mr. Smith and see where this gets us.

Same old, same, freeze.

Reseaarch, playin the game meaans preparing and being reaady, assemblin steady all the currency involved in the playing of the payin, put on a show, oh. So. What do we need to be minister to the masses, ditch the glasses, tone the ass-ets growin on ya, grew on me,. prepared me for a living, little misgiving, impatience led me to speak too soon, never try to tell your own future if you`re unwilling to preassure the aspiration, learn a lesson and be a good son. Love yàé.

Just so ya know, this will be my label. Noone does it better.

Chris Smith Management Inc.
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Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5V 1V2

Tel: (416) 362-7771
Fax: (416) 362-6648
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I`m what they call a triple threat.