March 7th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

My Love

My Love for you is stone
I stand unmoving
against wind and water
torrential storms
testing my loves footing

but my love for you is stone

I resist erosion
stand up to explosion
time does not destroy me
as I am stone

I am love, I am stone
I stay strong with you near
sinking into the soil
I settle into the calm
cool soil of our relationship
lovin every bit of it.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

My Everything

eyes like ocean at night
a smile which could melt the coldest glaciers
hair that makes fine silk look drab
she says something witty and giggles merrily
a voice so sweet a symphony would fade

every fleeting moment with her
passes on the wings of a Pheonix
over, seemingly before ever beginning
oh the sweetest candy, her lips, thier taste
takes part of my soul and burns it with blue fire

I want to give her everything
though she is strong and needs nothing
love and comfort at times, trust or more
she is the love which rescues me
at times when it is my strength which fails
she is the love which rescues me

Its said the only way to fill your heart
is in the complete giving of it to another
More than anything in life my lady
The one gift I wish you to truly accept
The love I wish to share with your heart

for in life there is no more gift better than
The way you have changed my heart
for being who you've been and allowing me in
I will give you my love forever and eternity
Though what you think and feel will always
mean a lot to me.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Sitting around the house, tired and relaxed,
sweat dripping after a sweet session
"Where's Vula," my subconscious asks.

Alas, shes away and I miss her dearly
and I know well how much she likes poetry.
So I grab a pen and pad and off I go
writing Vula a quiet little poem to show.

Shess so charming and sweet, a true friend
a sensual lover and I'll love her till the end.
sweet wonderful laughter I always love
shes my darling, my sweetheart, my dove

Compassionate, classy and clean
the boys had better love my queen
I love her, we're good together
and our relationship will weather
all tempests with Gods blessing

So lover, as you read this, remember,
I will love and respect you forever.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Hare Krishna

Please accept our personal
invitation for you to
come to the famous

Hare Krishna
Sunday Feast

and enjoy pure vegetarian
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Bhagavad Gita, plays, films
and music.

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