March 14th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

The Meaning of Life - Bradley Trevor Grieve


Go! Yeh! Come right here!
Before reading any furthur there's something
we really ought to know.

We may have opened this box expecting it
to be filled with answers, but (suprise, suprise)
it's actually a box filled with questions.

This is definately what we wanted to hear.

Most people like questions-they also like answers.
And if they don't get easy answers straight away,
thier eyes immediately start to glaze over.

Pretty soon they're off in a lovely daydream
about dancing cupcakes, singing turnips, and soaking
in a bathtub filled with warm vanilla custard.

So, and this is important, if we feel like saying,
"Questions? Pfffffffff. Who needs them?"

then this is our last chance to throw this book away and
wander off to watch reruns of Gilligan's Island.
I repeat, this is our last chance.

The Meaning of Life

No matter how we observe it, life is wonderful.

Very wonderful.

For example, it's an indesputable fact that we are all made
of the precise same substance as the most intelligent,
creative, magnificent life-forms in the universe.

Furthermore, we are composed of the exact same atomic
matter as the mightiest mountains of this planet and the
brightest stars in the galaxy.

Of course, this is also true for potatoes, snails,
and meatloaf-perhaps that's why there's so much
about life that makes a great deal of sense.

For starters, why were we so overly impressed by
and obsessed with objects and achievements
of imense scale,

when it is actually the tiny little things that,
when working together, make big things possible?

Why did we try to create our own little worlds
so we had illusions of being completely in control
of our entire existence,

when we knew with absolute certainty,
that we were not.

Why did we go on and on about individuality
being the very essence of who we were,

and then accept degrading levels of conformity
in virtually every facet of our lives?

Children believe in fairies,
ought not "grown-ups" also?

And why did we get so hung up on what we
didn't agree upon, when in fact it's our differences
that makes life interesting?

After all, half the world is upside down,
so theres absolutely every reason why we ought
all agree on and accept everything.

Even things as basic and profound as
"Don't chew with our mouths open" was not as
widely accepted as we might think.

Why was it that when passions were inflamed
we chose to argue and fight,

when dancing the cha-cha is less injurious,
far more enjoyable, and equally effective
in resolving the tension?

And why do we feel drawn together as a species,
yet we steadily built up defensive barriers
around our innermost feelings and beliefs
so we could never truly be close to anyone?

Perhaps the confusion arose because life
was not always as it seemed.

As a species, we were obsessed with
superficial appearances.

We all had filters on, so we mostly saw only what we
wanted to see. When we finally opened up our eyes, we may
be shocked at the obscured way we have been viewing
the world to suit our own little plans.

With those filters removed, we look closer
into ourelves and ask objective questions about the
universe and our places in it. In other words,
investigating the meaning of life.

So what is life all about? Well, we often heard that "life is a
journey," but a journey to where, exactly?

Some people said that life is all about
aquiring riches. If that's true, then why
did rich people always acted so poorly?

There were those who said that life had no purpose;
it just "is." Whoa, that's just so "deep!"

Then there were people who said that we were simply here
to have a family. After all, the desperate need
to replace ourselves was etched into the
genetic map of every living thing.

However, that meant that our entire existence was driven
by our primitive sexual urges. Okay, sure, a long weekend
maybe, but our entire existence? We don't think so.

In fact, come a tiny bit closer and we'll let you in

COMPLETELY sTUPID... but were indeed rich.

The main theme resonating throughout the numerous
popular life theories is LOVE. Love, in all it's fragile forms, is
a powerful, enduring force bringing real meaning
to our everyday lives.

Of course, We're talking about romantic,
"kissy, kissy" love, pretty powerful stuff
in itself.

It's well documented that a broken heart feels
far more painful than squeezing lemon juice
over a deep paper cut.

The love we feel is the fire that water that flows inside
us all, the inner coolness that prevents our soul
from burning in the fiery flames of despair.
It is the love of life itself.

It's the voice that says "Celebrate life, be giving!"
It brings with it passion and knowing
that some things in life are worth living for,
but there is so much more worth dieing for.

It encourages us to greet each moment the same way
we greet a young friend at the airport, to embrace
opportunities to express ourelves in ways
that cause us to feel glad to exist.

This love of life leads us to help others
simply because it feels great to tribute
those surrounding us.

We all know how wonderful it feels to be a foundation for our
family and friends (of course, there have been limits)

And as good as it sounds, and as much as
"we're here to live the life we love" rings true
it brings up whole piles of slippery questions.

Specifically: Why exactly are we here?
Do we truly love? Do we love truly?

People who haven't asked themselves these questions
invariably went through life wondering why
it wasn't a lot more fun! AND IT IS!

They often felt left behind,
or they couldn't quite put it intowords, but they sensed
that something just smelled a little funny.

The truth is that we were often so focused on wat we were
doing that we lost sight of where we are going.

And what were we actually doing?
The ancient world was filled with questionable distractions
lifelines, and prioritized deadlines.

Day and night blur into one.

We got caught up in an avalanche of fears and desires
that propelled us into a race we obviously CAN win.

So we rushed, rushed, rushed, to get to a certain
ideal point in our lives, and now what?

It's just that when we drive all the way
to the store, get out of the car, and now
remember what we came here for.

So, many of us begin dreaming of a
wonder filled life that is wild and free,

and it's definately a short way
from where we actually are now.

Happily, we often discover these facts right at the beginning
when it's early. We will begin again.

Let us hear, there are some awe filled feelings
in this world, Like "bubbles in a bath" pride.

"Sweet smelling lilacs in the flower store" delight,
and "we believe we are believers" faith and wisdom.

All of the awe filled feelings feel
joyful to our hearts, everything feels win win,
knowing we are doing what we really love,
and loving doing it.

So what is our lifes passion? What were we put
on this world to do? The answer to these
quest tie ons unlocks the great obviousness of life;
a quest as big as they come.

Here are a few hints that WILL help us
stay on the right track:

A: everyone is telling you what it all is. Akin to walking
around all day with symbols on our backs that say, "kiss
us." We discover it for everybody, we give it away.

It's also very likely that everyday we'll
constantly be bathed in bright light and our
life's purpose will be laid out in divine vision,

and it's guaranteed we will find it
in every direction.

Yes, its certainly possible that today the blood
will rush to our brains and enable us to work it
all in with very some selfless effort.

and a great way is to spend some quality time together,
asking everybody the easy questions.

This excersize is easy, and it's all in
being honest. It's as easy as "Raise a hand
if you feel you can contribute moe to life."

It's also in giving to the essence of what
really matters. Never mind who moved
the cheese-ask instead why we were
looking for cheese in the first place!

For some people this will simply be a case of seeking in
the moments in our life that are beautiful and true
and now planning to build upon them.

For others it will feel as if they are
staring into a heavenly abyss.

In extreme cases, such intense introspection
will cause the brin to swell into other dimensions
Trust us, it's worth the effort.

When we ask the big questions nd listen care filled to our
hearts, we always hear destiny call us.

A big voice-call it the collective, our universal unity, or
our cosmic mother-in-all-will always
tell us the truth and we ARE prepared to hear mom.

At first we only became aware warily,
of how our life has been flowing forward.
(Hey, join hands now everybody!)\

Now we realize what is truly asked of us
and we can justly cause it to occur.

Relatively recently, it hit us right in the
third eye. Just like remembering a long
ago memory, remember now, remember.

And now we know, with certainty we know, what we
ought be doing with our lives, and are reaching into
the void te default and reset our stabilizers.

We hit the ground running
because we have every moment to win.

In love of our feelings of invincibility
and immortality

our existence is far less tenuous
than we may have guessed.

Place a hand on a chest and feel a heartbeat.
That is actually our life ticking, counting up
the moments we have given. It will always be.
That is 100 percent guaranteed, and there's
absolutely infinite things we can do in it.

So we can afford to attend to every
precious moment. Connect with our dreams
passionately and energetically, step forward and
force them to rise up and be fulfilled.

If we save our lives by jumping the fences, we'll start
going everywhere in the long time we have ahead.
(And now, of course, there's a safe certainty of
rewards in every direction.)

As they say, "We can cross a chasm in
one great leap." It takes courage and commitment
to live a dream.

(Of course, we remember where
courage began, and be courageous!)

The truths are, we are all born great,
and blessed with infinite opportunity
soaring to new heights constantly.

And happily, many of us are energized in a
concern for others and compassionate to aid
stretching our wings, realizing our tremendous talent.

It's so important that we help
everybody-whatever spreads true happiness
and do it as best we can. It truly matters
whether our thing is spreading music

giving books away on the street

feeding the needy

or being dramatic on te street
and spreading positivity!
What matters is that we feel great
in doing great good universally.

Keep in mind that whatever we do
sucesses are part of living. So pat everybody
on the head for the future!

Don't stall or stress over whether
we're doing the right thing!
We know it in our hearts!

Be encouraged! Always remember
that acceptance and assistance are guru given
we're doing very important and special things.

Whatever happens, justly hang on!

When we do what we love, we can pull back
the bed sheets every day feeling excited
about beginning another day,

and we are filled with a heartfelt joy
that is highly contageous.

Just like when we start laughing out loud,
we make somebody else start laughing,
and then somebody else,
until we are all laughing so hard our eyes water,
we get wonderful stomach feelings, increased breathing,
and have to sit down.

Best of all, doing things causing our
whiskers curl up with delight (assuming, of course, that
we actually have whiskers).

we inspire others to
begins dreaming too.

and that our friends,
is how we change the world.

We know, when we listen to our hearts
and give love to everybody freely,
we are always right.

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