March 29th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Legalities and Earthy Spirits

There are spirits here, they abound and resound with the ideal and the real.
Bhuddist monks chant welcome to passers by, and birds fly
though through the calm and serenity from time to time arrives calamity
and the causality of craftiness determines direction upon reflection
as us, we be seeing the being of legal reference, so a call out
a shout out, a request to dispell doubt and bring arriving
book on law, the rights and freedoms, the criminal and codes
pack them into sack, bring them ont the roads
arrive them to here, with care, love them dear
they define and recline the way of living clear
now we must study and be students of teachers
cosmic bringers of peace laid out the way
in the daily B-Read, we know truths
the time for speaking is come.

more to follow.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

We Are A..

collective student teacher tribe
each of us learned and learning
we want to be the best we are
we are the best we can be
for now
for now
we peel away the skins
finding more skins beneath
each one brighter
each one lighter
more and less
the same but different
akin to on I on
onion peeled
be together
dreamer we dare
we are never alone
we are always alone
we stand back from the premise
promises broken hearted
journeys ended started
tween here and there is then
when we were lovers
when friends kiss
the cosmos
watching us
in us
beggin us
waiting for the effort
the will to give all
to accept the unacceptable
the be believers of all

Wait a moment
when we deny love
claiming love is our purpose
when we push away and turn inside
when we feel lost and forlorn
when we taste the teardrops
raining from our hurts
where do we look to
who do we call to
what do we ask for
why do we
feel the pain
are we lost
are we?

Spirits surround us
they listen and watch
they feel for us
we feel for them
together we are
but chains invisible
bind us tightly
be recognized
deny them not
for they are true
truth be true
we are all

we have sought after love
and in truth looked for pleasure
denying the honest connection
going "our own" direction
even so we always are
in control being
puppets of stars
for hands and feet
move to cosmic beat
and only the voice and eyes
enforce at times the lies
to satisfy unwise

flowers grow in hearts for others
our souls are filled in turn forgiving
recieving is return for giving
self less others more
all for one, one for all
strength in numbers
love survives
roots intertwine
a wolf howls

heart of hearts
wise woman of our tribe
rainbow in the grow
accept the coming flow
mother someday to be
bound firmly entwined
threadlike fate
mother goddess
temple touch
where we're
we are.

Avoid not the union
turn not away from him
he is for you its true
you are for him, you win
travel, journey, and tie
the strings tigher
don't ask why
ask how, and do
for it is not up to you
nor is it up to him
we are all pawns in body
the collective is playing us
and the board is grand piano
be a key and let play
the musician is
such a talented