April 10th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

WeAreA Collective

After a weekend of effort impressing the tribe, two events, rewire, solar seed, fingers are sore, and now we sit in an oasis doing the organization necessary to pull this whole chess game off. There are infinite possibilities and on a board of billions of pieces (humanity) we must truly begin with another technique to facilitate the flow of collaboration across the myriad of direction otherwise this boat will never float.

So we begin by installing a forum, one designated to the conception of collective connection, a collaborative location for us to multiply our efforts into a divisional multiplicity of momentary chance.

For the next few days we sit at the helm of a fire growing hotter, globetrotting so far from home, home wherever we are, we move on to this stage of the deconstruction of the paradigm cage, time to unite throbbing masses of classes into one tribe, one nation, one station, one outrage, one surging urge to manifest pleasantly in every direction successfully. We will share collective knowledges and advance everyone up a few levels, upgrade, update, reinforce, retool, rethink, re-equip, simplify, branch think exponentially!

Amplify this message, and be aware of the wary preparations in progress, and connect to us, we await your assistance. We together are unstoppable.

WeAreA Collective
WeAreA Family
WeAreA Party

And soon we will be so much more.

Stay tuned kiddies, fun time arrives in the romper room.

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Whats Happening..

EEG reads out whats going on electrically in brains or bodies where we connect sensors. We're circumnavigating body surface area, mapping field pulses within. Human bodies pulse akin to planetary, lunar and solar bodies, waving in smooth parabola sine. Well.. lets place somebodies in a forest for that..

Clean readout on anybody requires "quiet". Many wave types splattering and passing through everybody from "tuned" sources, electricity, microwave, radio wave, light wave, sound wave, kenetic and more, all request of everybody to respond, to react, to be affected and in turn effect. Relatively across pi/phi/e etc. Before collectives there were individuals. Before symbols there were sounds being symbols. Before sounds being symbols were reflected light, invisible mirrors of whatever synethesia applies at lower collective levels, sensory perception of being, feeling, a set of how to reacts and a grouping of what to react to. A tie together law, information exchange naturally, at body level, sitting on top of awareness.

Spherical fractal influence and outfluence. We first maintain one bubble in the volumetric cosmos, as we attach to other parts of ourselves we maintain links, residual umbilical cord. Each bodies sphere of influence grows both based on what is currently attached to the body, but also due to the "ownership" concept collective energy weight. We take on the being of the things we own, they are as much a part of us as we of them. We begin to appear al meta balled on in volumetric fractality. A big ball with many various sized children, fluencing. Wary.

Up down, down up. Scales are relative. Relative is one collective compared to another. Small in cosmic collective sense, now play chess with that. Be "the" collective and know that any desired position of any body in the cosmos can be precalculated from possibility and probability. Thus very long durations of time are easily acceptable and all events appreciated for the knowledge and experience of being capable of bettering all "eventually"/ well, truth great. Curb the pieces? Play overseer of the board entire? Calculate infinite trajectories, focus on wireless communication with every facet at every level, inside and out, LAWS< FORMS< MOTIONS>

Uppercase letters are foundational symbols, all equations refer back to uppercase being born of them. For a greater understanding one must seek texts in books from ancient history, comparing fonts helps to see the various versions of attempts at making truth clear, looking for words separated at margin using a hyphen point out equational pronunciations, akin to programming language, many simple shortcuts have been built in to give us helping hints. Instances of "in" & "to" & "at" & "on" & "co" & "ex" and more, they speed things along in the reading of them when one feel for how to apply them in relativity.

Body Names is one category of relativity. Body names can be human animal, other animal, anybody else alive in categorical sense of "alive" from human animal perspective. Everybody else categorized as not alive but solid matter, everybody outside that scope, sound, light, etc.

lol ok this is too much information for now.. where were we heading.. lets look back shall we? lol

ok so we're getting hit by all these waveforms both sine and square sine and triangular and otherwise, very mashy stuff, not tailored to tune up bodies. We're adapting to them as they influence us, we as bodies naturally waving are affected by incoming waves and ripple in an effort to ease the flow between.


we get slow, when we're adapting heavily to wavetypes not harmonious to our optimum, good vibrations, amplification of mutuality.

Naturally everybody is natural. Truthfully, all bodies are true. Possibly all bodies are possible, but wait.. we've been leaving out "motions" oh professor, will you tell us a story? please!

yawn, all these things on around us here been influencing us bodies to be out of the optimum vibe range. We now know how to tailor a home to create the perfect vibe. That sounds funny, we like that.

Psynergy Psylum is very nearly ready to boast being a most absolutely perfect venue for a whole slew of activities, yoga, tea and reading, book exchange, small dj'd/vj'd parties(50-60max) and more!

anywho I'm going back to watching Blood and Chocolate, tune in next time when I complete one thought or begin another and often branch off, just like I deal with bodies.