April 12th, 2007

inverted infinitiy infinite inversion

If we "feel" the emotional spectrum..

We are wading through emotional fields of residual tuning, one volumetric field of variable attunement throughout. Feel the sorrow color? Feel the fears? Feel the crying? Feel the stress? Let's get together and feel all right?

We do not "generate" feelings, we tune in to them, they envelop us, they are akin to earths gaseous atmosphere, layer upon layer, some sharing, some thicker or thinner, each one occupying "space" though seeping into and out of all dimensions above and beyond spacial.

Picture an infrared scanner, goggle designed to show heat, or other spectrums of energy, light, sound, waveforms we share spacetime with, now picture one designed to show the rainbow of emotional energy we swim in, we walk through, we live in.

How does an entire world of people deal with something they have throughout history had no means to measure, to view, to scope, to spect, to know? We've seen emotions only on the channeled end, we've seen them or felt them coming through us, we've seen the affect of effect, the visual representation of emotion on the faces and in the actions and emitted vibrations of the animal world, the physical animal world. We've labelled them based on dictionary words, and tried to be designators of labels for all the animal channels. We see/feel a signal from a human and then we utilize a symbol, a word to describe, to limit the definition of that feeling. We feel, label and request agreement from others on observation. We are observers or servers of the ob.

One cannot relatively do justice to any feeling with a word without poetics, the music of feeling is so broad, so all encompassing, so relative that the only way to describe a feeling is to recreate it 100% as it was, and in doing such a thing one must utilize the original emitter as the basis for reconstruction. We cannot aptly re-emit a signal as a secondary source.

One fingerprint is unique, one energy is unique, one emission of an energy is unique, one entity emitting is unique, and every energy in cosmic symphony is unique.

one equals one. All equal themselves. No thing can equal any other thing. Only a balance amongst the variables can exist. One thing can relatively equal another in specified relativeness.

Relative equals relative, relatively.

Tuning into the emotional ambient of any color of feeling is as simple as choosing tho taking the utmost of cautions with the volume dial as the energies we reside within are much bigger than we are as routers or channels we are tuned to tap and distribute/display the visual/audible/feelable representations of all emotions, they just contain so much energy that in a world of judgment, one must be wary to exhibit amplifications.

True tapping of joy creates a laughter maniacal, dare to tap and laugh like a maniac in public and be labeled by an uneducated populace insane.

Truth in any emotional shade is that we have the ability to shift shape, to create our forms through exhibition of the channeling of colors. Emotional colors, those on the dark and those on the light ends of the spectrums.

We shape our bodies. We expand upon our preset shape by choosing. By disassociating from the feeling pools we wish not to feel or be and associating ties to those that create the shape of us we know to be true.

We need not anything physical (matter) for the connection, we only reach out and push our bodies into the shape of them. The body, though it may never have displayed the shape of an emotional field before knows how, but like any atrophed muscle, it needs waking up, it needs constant appreciation, pressurization of. Tuning comes from practice, practice is effort to hold the feeling, holding the feeling is being the shape of it.