April 23rd, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Ley Lines

Ley lines lie below eye based vision
synethasia sends stream filled
from all seven to visual cortex
more than the seven are tuned
pushing spirited soul into sense
amplifies connections
bridges pathways
anchors all
rooting us
wonder born
surging urge to
merge all metaballs
sensational beings be
filled with sense for sensing
sending out sensaurial sensum
strata, overlapping spheroid waveforms
strong ley lines lie in cities
constructed and enforced
guided intention cosmic
see beautiful people
flocking to them
see x in streets
flow imports
begin to map
where be strength
seek patterns symbolic

seven stands
vision-light absorbtion and reflection/refraction
hearing-sound absorbtion and reflection/refraction
smell/taste/touch-relative variable absorbtion and reflection/refraction
equilibrium/[de or un or in]equilibrium (balance and unbalanced balance)
intuition-willingness to be directed by bodies and motions
instinct-willingness to allow body response-ability

as sense machines
evolution accelerators
evolution accelerators
evolution accelerators
form manipulators
zoo keepers
all we ever wanted to do
was get ahead in life, to get ahead in life
to reach out into chasmic void abyss out there
where we are not, reach it, stretching flex us out
we've provided ourselves with all necessary directions
laid them out for historic entirety in every existing book
we are looking at us, we see us all as matter matters all
mindful matters matter materially due to relation
we are all us, third person is morality amped
no prose
fancy clothes
actions for actors
players who never read

lifes how to section

settle in kiddies
back to square one
base level relativity

seriously semantics
prefix a suffix surrounding root
pronounce variably indo-european
meta blend trend amalgamated
lingo relative upper and lower
case open for eyes only
stand back from sound
deal pairs shapely
imagine to basis
laws form motions
rules bodies embody emotions
e mo tie on all e am be od why me nt
mathmatically proofs are simple
relativity introduces complexity
as subject matter or category
relatively develops scale
symbols exibit exist
existing unique
different all