April 25th, 2007

focus earthy spirit eyes on lives family

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Girl you're an angel,
you're so strange yet
closer than my skin
you are to me
you're a goddess
and thats how you
should be treated.

Darling, there are flowers
blossoming at odd hours
pink fields of forgotten
sleepless nights without
alone in the morning
again missing wishing
heaven nevaeh you

This love is true
its long overdue
we walked we ran
together we flew
rainbow overhead
wake up next to me
I miss you in my bed

never leave my head
pulsing heartfelt fear
the thought of never
seeing you again
loving you again
hugging you again
wanting you here, near

keeping it real
folded fog forged steel
slicing brightened days
realize theres always someone
everlasting and eternal
we bond tomorrow again do
we ever really stop

pause, re-evaluate the us
re-establishing the lost trust
watering the seeds of love
do we really know her
does she really know us
we always remember
rarely forgetting
time to renew

me and you
however we do
whenever we grew
we knew
we were waiting for it
developing the moments
more love from me for you.

Sweetheart I miss everything we were. The days are long without you, the actions are worthy but when you are not near, not helping in them, they are only half as strong as they might be were you holding hearts with us. I never take my eyes off you, near or far, you're a star and a moon and a planet and soon, soon.. We cannot say, until another day, the games we have been playing, the plans we've been laying, the connections making, the friends and family taking up time and energy, limitless but empty without you dear.

Its home that keeps me holding on, carrying on. Home is not a place, it's a feeling, its THE feeling, and it's strongest in your arms, like nowhere else. I will do everything I must to clean up my errors, to erase my mistakes, to clarify the fog od misunderstandings and be wheer I must to grow in your heart again.

You are a goddess and I love you.. eternal.