April 27th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Fractal Nature of Relative Symbol Categorization

A certain arguement issuing forth from some would point towards a word such as "cat" asking how such an equation could possibly calculate it's absolute infinite eternal nature, here we arrive in a world of mathematical labels, spellings, pronounciations, symbol shapes, fonts throughout the ages, and upon surveying broad ranges of materials, reflected blacks and whites, we see pejoration revising and summarizing equations, utilizing new levels of mathematical sorting to group labels together and point with arrows at other labels and in turn other labels or to descriptions in numbered lists which maintain double meanings, polarities. Pejoration.

Cat is one label, it defines a collective basic entity in format, in order to define or refine an entire collective, within the collective are sub collectives each with labels too, handles, group names, nicks, or outside the spectrum of names, they have an awareness that awareness has fallen upon them and they respond in relative kind.

There are many routes we can go in the relativity infinity with symbol collective "cat" its all about relation. A symbol collection we relate cat one to defines relative interpretational sense of both. Due to our paradigm construct structure in the brain, interwoven branchwork of overlapping rulesets or definitions we apply numerous mathematical equations concurrently, the cosmos is doing math regardless of symbology, however symbols are a means to teach children, us.