May 9th, 2007

reflect sunglasses fashion

SlackÉbacky abit of Cypress

Swingin fromthe packingrope aboundwith bananarama in the high life. Notrunnin away from the cause, reinforcing, like a tree, stressed from wind layeringup new kisses, concept deconstruction with positive influence and lightweight polarity.

Whats all this mean, depends upon relativity, relate from enough perspectives and everything clarifies, though communication amongst humans from a standpoint stretching dialects and inferences overtones everybody in suspect, interject, reflect, reject. Slight oversimplification.

Revelations are grand and reveal more. Think of me. Feel me.

Bestpossible, a break from interaction. Then webwork, typingup the concepts, tieing everything together tighter textually, medicinalliving. Scouting a placement for construction, digging, logging, moving tires, beachwood, stones.. oh yeasbuilding a home is grand piano.