May 26th, 2007

inverted infinitiy infinite inversion

This whole symbology of Alphabet thang..

You dig? We dig, the big wig, driving his rig, gave us this gig, no renege,
see it from an open-source direction, wonder why it must be important, so..
we held back, we might call it lazy in documenting a legend, in times bend
this dance may take years for the perfection of description, only so true
definition is refinition as relatives relished relinquishing self control

lets simplify and focus on two letters, including both uppercase and lowercase significance symbolized by shape throughout ages of script, evolved infinite envelopic arrows, pointing at emotional forms affecting effect, singularly or mutually sensing, sending out a sense of and interpreting sensum sensaurically with a twist of synethesia.

G, J, g, and j. In this ordered manner reasonably uppercases come first as basis for lower cases to stand upon, hold hands with in order to exist, as systems evolve from lesser abilities exponentially, the alphabet in an individual symbol by symbol element relates in our fashion, methodology of relativity.

G - grab: a body which pulls another body into a meta union.
J - jig: a body which hooks another body into a divisible union.
g - grav: a body which holds another body in orbit
j - jik or jiy poss.: a body which hooks another body then releases it

so we follow an alphabet into past fonts, regard shapes and relate to motional infinite equatives, words are in themselves mathematical.