June 14th, 2007

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Gloomy Sunday - The Kovak Box

everyone against the state wipes themselves out, self annihilation. suicide implants.. weird, these people really lose their minds and mash their faces into walls to kill themselves. none of them woulda thought, hmm certainly, but lets go find a nice poison plant and do it without all the mess. In effect though the ideal of the concept of those people who are against the state suiciding through a control means is to end the influence effects of the signals they traffic. The rippling causality chains brought into play due to affect by those people cease to exist and information which would have incited collaboration and cooperation amongst masses dissipates and only what's past exists. Even digital worlds do not last long, books, papers, photos, these lives, so many are bound to fall off the memory of history until the collective returns to "source" which is merely exiting unity with body form to remerge with collective relativity.

Concepts are enforced thought constructs, paradigms are evolving tree like structures in the brain representing links between the rulesets which shape our outward sent signal of the "know" of reality.

Readers, wont for letters of explaination may wonder at the marvel of archaic technology and abandon themselves into absorbtion and integration, tho be warned, many people are so asleep, as morpheus says in the first matrix, they will fight for the system, they are addicted to it.

A path I wished to take, was this.

1. Denounce Identification
2. Denounce Money
3. Denounce Ownership
4. Opensource manufacturing to amalgamate into single entities which produce 100% reusable art, green, recyclable, supply on demand on location, for a duration.
5. Produce a free hitchikers guide to the world notebook computer with various removable drivetypes for integration with other freely usable products in circulation. Access to every book, song, and media file ever created with translated via babelfish.
6. Streamline transportation worldwide, maglev integration for long distances and crossover as many technologies as possible, hybridize in a meta fashion. Minimize surface footprint.
7. 100% global emission perfection. 0 negative production, retrofit and replace systems to be green.
8. Create a global voting system through the hitchikers guide to the earth notebooks and all access terminals worldwide. Tier based, anyone can raise a vote, vote for or against it and also for raising or lowering it in the tiers. All governing people are facilitators of information flow.
9. Generate energy with a stack of buried giant heavyweight disks using an electromagnetic pulse system to keep them spinning fast. A system requiring stock energy to commence but generates much more energy when running than is required to continue functioning.
10. Refine education systems to integrate the best of worldwide knowledge, technology and all available resources, teach much more about the body and sensation, perception, awareness, intention, interpretation, attention, spirit, soul, energy in terms of communication and cooperation and the proper place of our species in this nature, our natural ideal.

Going to the mountain for a few days, to read, do photography, breath, relax, feel about emotional bodies and emote about seeking plants.

See everybody at TamTams.