July 25th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

NEW : Theory of Relativity (A Cosmic Semiotic Alphabet)

Proofs will follow, though in no rush. Just contemplate, think outside the humanized box, overlook the masses of deep rooted paradigms based in psuedoscience and enforced upon historically agreed upon facts, facts with no basis in provability other than via concensus amongst groups of humans who have viewed the box based on training of how to view the box, bred from the level of the box rather the a reletavily general broad spectrum applicability. There are more things than are dreamt of in the piglosophy of any one of us, however, upon careful study of as many subjects as possible over many years, a time has come for some new theories to be presented, theories which decredit humanity with the creation of things, returning credit to where credit is due, to the cosmic collective, the entity which is the relative collective of all entities, the be which is being all without number and without name, though the label God is one acceptable label, it is merely one of an infinite label set which are all acceptable.

In termsof terms, humanity must understand the the majority of words that exist in this age are REDUCABLE to more simplified concepts, much of what we see as truth in terms of definition is in fact illusion, tendency based upon agreement, such as concepts of negative, impossibility, truth, etc. these concepts are not factual, they are instead ENFORCEMENTS. They are conepts designed to give humanity experience of such things, as was stated by the bible, babel, babble. Reality, truth, fact, concepts all, are just concepts and they are whatever humans define them as, agree upon collectively and then enfore upon the rest via information saturation, exposure to impressions, absorbtion of sample exemplified and worshipped suppositions. Possibilities are not probabilities, spirits are not souls, conscience is not awareness, individual is not indivisible.

This precursor statement is merely a speculative theory in order to go one step furthur back than this theory is truly capable of doing, the proofing of this theory will assist in furthuring the mathematical possibility of this statement later one hopes, through collaborative communication amongst the worlds great thinkers.

To begin there was a surge, but precursor to it was urge.

The actual hypotheis here is that nothing is definate, everything is TO (the proper word for infinite) thus the laws of nature, the principals which humanity mayuse to define reality cannot be defined using number, instead, the cosmos has actually given us the diagrams of how it all works by providing humanity with symbols, the alphabets, and the proofs for the calculation arein humanities WORDS. Clues are everywhere for beginners, but as we advance this theory, the simplicity and obviousness of it will become apparent to humanity. Since this author is an english and french speaking human, restriction to indo european languages is necessary and for now, english will be our envelope, our box. The spectrum of an infinitely relative cosmos is broad and we as the atomistic collective unit us recognize that our part in this is to commence the information flow of this train of theory, humanity is spattered with great minds and we know that due to a few of the other theories we will later discuss, the fractal nature of the ripple effect of signalling and recieving now will cause waves of effect in turn generating affect and then again more effect. In other words, the proofs are everywhere, we are here to help build a foundation for seeing the embedded code, once we show someof what we see and relate how we view things the world cannot ignore it. This is so obviously obvious, patience, quite a few details are necessary to get relative relativity.

The basic structure, principals, forms, motions of the cosmos is collective, collaborative and relative. The collective whole, the entire cosmos can be viewed as an entity, a be, being. At the lowest general relative sense, the individual, BEFORE collaborating with the collective individuals in relative ranges of potential spherical proximity to it contains all the same rules applicable to every other potential relative collective in the expanse of existence. In other words, in relativity, what applies to the fundamental capability offor example, an atom, also applies to a group of atoms.

Lets do a bit or theorizing, based on what we know about existence, communication, sensation, and emotion. If I am an atom, and there are only one of me in all of existence, by the basis of reasoning, I must contain within my parts, for I am divisible into component parts, whic are SUBstances or sub positions, aspects of me which make me capable of being me... the rules, or guidelines for existing. That is, I contain the idea if being is not yet happening,motion is a step furthur down the evolutionary ladder than be. I be, or I AM that I AM, I send out the signal, the sensation of myself, for in existing, I must be percievable, though at this stage there are no other toms, no other be to sense me, in preparation for communion, the law of sense, and awareness, the ability to sense a signal, such as the one we emit by existing must be present. We as a collective set of properties, amalgamated into a form are not one, for number is a concept and concepts are not existent at this stage. Weight, mass, energy, motion, momentum, union, etc, none of this exists yet. Like quantum physics suggests, atoms are tendancies, possibilities, ideas in themselves, influenced by out expectations of them. AT this hypothetical stage of evolution, we humans do not exist as atom collectives yet, only the substances exist. Amalgamated substances, multilevel form as the basic single entity.

First, or one may say, in the beginning, there was no form and no motion, there was merely AREA to be born into. There was A related to a. Or a in relative connection or comparison to A. A is not form, it is triangulation of the relative envelope we relate to, and a is the sub envelope in relation to the absolute envelope. There is an old symbol used to represent A which appears as a sort of spiralling triangulation, an attempt to draw a triangle on space while moving through it.

Look closely, the key to evolution is in the geometry.

Enough for now. At this point we have only jusrt began. Please pass this around as it is expanding. Help connect scientists, philosophers and enthusiasts of the study of reality, they will thank you later.

Before we go on with this theory, in the next post will will discuss another theory.

Reality as a parabolistic fractal parable.