July 27th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Extasy Vid

The reason for posting this is to add information which is left out of the documentary, important info for MDMA users, anyone contemplating the use of Extasy etc.

1. They do not give any info related to SSRIès and how they may be used to counter negative side effects in advance of them occurring. St. Johns Wort is a reuptake inhibitor which, when taken during the come down period of an MDMA session will plug the reuptakes and keep dopamine from entering into the wrong part of the brain. Effectively allowing the dophamine levels to lessen over the course of a few hours while the receptors regain the ability to function, as they become tired due to overabundant sseratonin presence. The daily dose of St. Johns Wort is 3 capsules, taken in close succession near the end of an MDMA experience will counter the neurotoxicity and thus rather than trying to find a solution to seratonin axon damage, we counter it altogether before it occurs.

2. The buildup of seratonin is slow in the brain, MDMA taps the entire stored amount in one session and the brain takes about 30 days to rebuid or rejuvinate the empty seratonin, so for recurrent MDMA use, one ought never take more than one full dose in a 30 day period.

3. The increased body temperature can only in part be an effect of overabundant seratonin presence, the rest of the body temperarature increase comes both from dancing, and from absorption of localized temperature in raves, its hot, so we get hot, we dance and that amplifies it. Take breaks, be aware of body temperature, fatigue etc. and everything will be fine.

4. They state that people dies from EXTASY, they do not detail how, and they neglect to mention that extasy is not MDMA, its a blanket name for pressed pills containing any of the family of this chemical as well as possibly other components. Never buy EXTASY, specifically seek out MDMA or MDA and be adamant that you only want pure MDMA chemical, not mixed mislabelled EXTASY. If a dealer doesent know what MDMA is or cannot guaranttee that the only component of the CAPSULE (NOT PRESSED PILL) is MDMA, then its likely NOT just MDMA and you should definately PASS.

5. Smoking pot while on MDMA increases the potentiality of neurotoxicity, due to overabundant dophamine presence, it is this which causes damage as dopamine enters the reuptakes designed to allow seratonin only, as they do they are broken down incorrectly into hydrogen peroxide next to the seratonin axon, baconizing them over time.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

4 sake of l8r reference..

There is a book out there called a dictionary of one letter words.. an exerpt ftrom it is all I have found on the net thus far..

b – “be” or “bee”
c – “sea” or “see”
f – “fat”
g – “Gee”
I – “eye”
j – “jay”
k – “okay”
n – “and”
o – “oh”
p – “pea” (small green vegetable) or “pee” (to urinate)
q – “cue” or “queue”
r – “are”
t – “tea”
u – “you”
v – “very”, for example: V Graham Norton
x – part of the phrase “x out”
y – “why”

someone send mea copy plz.. ill share..