July 28th, 2007

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Quest For Reason

Why Are We Here.. What is the Purpose of Human Existence.. What is the (MEANING) of Life.. What is the goal of Living.. etc. etc. These are the questions, the quests, the connections we apparently seek, based on religion, science, reason, logic, we are believers in knowledge, and knowers of belief. Now, ask yourself this..

How many books do we read each year that are specific to these questions..
How many documentaries do we watch each week..
How many truths do we seek daily..
Are we truly dedicated to finding answers..
Do we (WASTE) time avoiding learning..
Do we seek to know truth or to merely rate it..
Do we act or merely speak of acting..
Do we rationalize based on illogic or logic..
Do we want the truth or do we want what we are told to want..
Do we hypocriticalize because we have are afraid to upset the norm
Do we procrastinate because we are distracted by sensual pleasure
Do we know what love is
Do we know what thinking is
Do we know what knowing is
Do we realize these three things are the same
Do we seek to know the cosmos or just humanity
What drives us each day, what do we seek..

Do we see the truth in front of our eyes or do we continue to ignore the words and instead speak of meaning, the great illogical circle of synonyms.

What does the bible say we live for..
What does science say we live for..
What does humanity or society say we live for..
What do all these say we seek..

In how many directions do we look..

Neverask aquestion you do not already know the answer to.. why..
how do we already know the answers..
what is communication to an atom..

The truth is coming children.
First it is necessary to see concept as concept in itself.
Second it is necessary to dismiss time is irrelevant.
Third it is necessary to circle all knowledge as one.
Fourth it is necessary to dehumanize all concepts.
Fifth it is necessary to recognize all things as natural.
Sixth it is necessary to evaluate everything as relative.
Seventh is being everything. I am that I am.

I do claim to be a prophet of being.
I profess that all books are bibles.

I state the the alphabets and numvers are representations of the truth of cosmic form and function. Very soon the world will come to clarity, it is unavoidable.

I believe everything, but then I see everything from an infinitely relative perspective... and soon will you too. The tower of babel story has applied long enough, language is the key, free your mind.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Patterns in Prefixing..

This is the first post, covering the letter A and its prefixes based in thefreedictionary.com since thats the sole place offerring as much data on the subject. If you know of additional details please post them.

Notice the definitions and what sort of rational they contain, the logic of prefixes. Also note which letters prefix A and which do not. This will make more sense as we travel furthur into the logic of infinites.

a- 1 or an-
Without; not

ab- 1
Away from: aboral.

Variant of ad-.

1. ac- or af- or ag- or al- or ap- or as- or at- Toward; to. Before c, f, g, k, l, p, q, s, and t, ad- is usually assimilated to ac-, af-, ag-, ac-, al-, ap-, ac-, as-, and at-, respectively.
2. Near; at: adrenal.

ae- is not available

Variant of ad-.

Variant of ad-.

ah- is not available
ai- is not available
aj- is not available
ak- is not available

Variant of ad-.

am- is not available

Variant of a-1.

ao- is not available

ap- 1
Variant of ad-.
ap- 2
Variant of apo-.

apo- or ap-
a. Away from; off: aphelion.
b. Separate: apocarpous.
2. Without; not: apogamy.
3. Related to; derived from: apomorphine.
4. Metasomatic: apophyllite.

aq- is not available
ar- is not available

Variant of ad-.

Variant of ad-.

au- is not available
av- is not available
aw- is not available
ax- is not available
ay- is not available

Variant of azo-.

azo- or az-
Containing a nitrogen group, especially one attached at both ends in a covalent bond to other groups: azole.
inverted infinitiy infinite inversion

Two Letter B()- Prefixes

Only 3..

ba- is not available
bb- is not available
bc- is not available
bd- is not available

1. Completely; thoroughly; excessively. Used as an intensive: bemuse.
2. On; around; over: besmear.
3. About; to: bespeak.
4. Used to form transitive verbs from nouns, adjectives, and intransitive verbs, as:
a. To make; cause to become: bedim.
b. To affect, cover, or provide: bespectacled.

bf- is not available
bg- is not available
bh- is not available

bi- 1 or bin-
a. Two: biform.
b. Both: binaural.
c. Both sides, parts, or directions: biconcave.
a. Occurring at intervals of two: bicentennial.
b. Usage Problem Occurring twice during: biweekly.
a. Containing twice the proportion of a specified chemical element or group necessary for stability: bicarbonate.
b. Containing two chemical atoms, radicals, or groups: biphenyl.

bj- is not available
bk- is not available
bl- is not available
bm- is not available
bn- is not available
bo- is not available
bp- is not available
bq- is not available
br- is not available
bs- is not available
bt- is not available
bu- is not available
bv- is not available
bw- is not available
bx- is not available

by- or bye-
1. By: bygone.
2. Secondary, incidental: byway.

bz- is not available
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Two Letter C() Prefixes

Only One..

ca- is not available
cb- is not available
cc- is not available
cd- is not available
ce- is not available
cf- is not available
cg- is not available
ch- is not available
ci- is not available
cj- is not available
ck- is not available
cl- is not available
cm- is not available
cn- is not available

1. Together; joint; jointly; mutually: coeducation.
a. Partner or associate in an activity: coauthor; cofounder.
b. Subordinate or assistant: copilot.
3. To the same extent or degree: coextensive.
4. Complement of an angle: cotangent.

cp- is not available
cq- is not available
cr- is not available
cs- is not available
ct- is not available
cu- is not available
cv- is not available
cw- is not available
cx- is not available
cy- is not available
cz- is not available