August 1st, 2007

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Man The Believer

A riddle.. is something akin to a question where the preferred response is embedded in the signal being sent, sometimes the answer is what humanity would term illogical, yet given that the intended reply is a starting point for all assembled to refer to it, unless another suitable answer be shown to corraborate with all details in the riddle itself, only one answer is the logical one. Logically.

Thus consider that when we ask questions, the data does not request information outside the relative scope of generality to each concept listed.

For example..

Question.. Are we believers.. a logical answer is NO.
Question.. Do we believe.. a logical answer is YES.

Question.. Did you read this book..

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the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Books in Collection...

Most of these are in the cabin in Gaspesie..



1900 New Revised Encyclopaedic Dictionary Volume II ~ Robert Hunter & Charles Morris
1938 Nuttal's Popular Dictionary of the English Language~ Lawrence H. Dawson
1956 Common Usage Dictionary (Italian/English/Italian) ~ Martin & Ciatti
1994 Language /30 Irish Phrase Dictionary and Study Guide
1992 New Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language
1965 Roget's Pocket Thesaurus ~ C.O. Sylvester Mawson
1942 Roget's Thesaurus of English Words & Phrases ~ Peter Mark Roget
1986 Signing - Signed English: A Basic Guide ~ Harry Bornstien & Karen L. Saulnier
1965 Freedom & Discipline in English ~ Report of the Comission on English
1964 Shorthand Gregg Diamond Jubilee Pocket Dictionary ~ John Robert Gregg
2003 Repase Y Escriba - Curso Avanzado de Gramatica y Composicion
2004 Manejo Sostenible de la Vicuna en Apolobamba
1998 Lado a Lado Gramatica inglesa y espanola ~ Edith R. Farrell y C. Frederick Farrell

(READIT)1995 The Celestine Prophesy: An Experiential Guide ~ James Redfield & Carol Adrienne
1977 Surveying ~ Charles B. Breed
1945 Meditation ~ Marcus Aurelius and His Times
1957 A Glossary Of Literary Terms ~ M. H. Abrams
(READIT)1973 How To Read A Person Like A Book ~ Gerald I. Nierenberg & Henry H. Calero
1982 Grammer In Practice ~ Jennifer Seidl
1978 English Composition Book Two "Let's Talk, Let's Write" ~ Sr. Marie McCoy
1958 The King's English ~ H. W. & F. G. Fowler
1958 The Ladder: A Discouse before The St. James Literary Society ~ Lawrence M. Lande
(READIT)1958 Teach Yourself to Study ~ G. G. Neill Wright
1963 Modern English Structure ~ Barbara M. H. Strang
(USING IT -^REFERENCE DICTIONARY)1914 The Students Gradus: An Aid to Latin Versification ~ Leo T. Butler
1937 Latin Excersizes for the Middle School ~ M. Reed
1961 Macmillan's Shorter Latin Course Second Part ~ A. M. Cook & W. E. P. Pantin
1953 Purity of Diction in English Verse ~ Donald Davie
1997 The Secret Language of Relationships ~ Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

(READ IT) 1963 Albert Einstein, The Man And His Theories ~ Hilaire Cuny Translated By Mervyn Savill
1968 Initiation a L'analyse Numerique ~ J. Legras
(READIT)1954 Relativity and the Layman ~ James A. Coleman

Poetry & Music
1965 Aristotles Poetics and English Literature ~ Elder Olson
1968 Drama in the Western World - 9 Plays with Essays ~ Weiss
1974 The Lyric Potential James E. Miller Jr., Robert Hayden, Robert O'neal

Sociology, Behavioral Science, Philosophy
(READIT) 1998 The Cosmic Serpent, DNA And The Origins Of Knowledge ~ Jeremy Narby
(READIT) 1963 Stigma, Notes On Management Of Spoiled Identity ~ Erving Goffman
1969 Vigilance & Habituation ~ Jane F. Mackworth
1965 Classes in Modern Society ~ T. B. Bottomore
2003 Turning the Mind Into An Ally ~ Sakyong Mipham
1993 The Life You Were Born To Live ~ Dan Millman
1906 The Essays of Francis Bacon Lord Verulam: No. 10 Everymans Library
1973 Utopia ~ Thomas More
1991 More Utopia ~ Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought ~ George M. Logan
1959 Surrealism: the Road to the Absolute ~ Anna Balakain
1977 The Joy Of Freedom ~ Derrick Hearne
1968 The Elizabethan World Picture ~ E. M. W. Tillyard
1980 The Tale of the Tribe: Ezra Pound and the Modern Verse Epic ~ Michael Bernstein
1975 Moodswing ~ Ronald R. Fieve
1970 Future Shock ~ Allen Toffler
1988 New Medicines of the Mind ~ Jeffrey Berlant, Irl Extein, Larry S. Kirstein
1973 Facts About Aging~ Daniel S. Liang
1972 The Peter Prescription ~ Laurence J. Peter
1964 Canadian Society - Sociological Perspectives ~ Macmillian Press
1989 Federalism In Canada - Selected Readings ~ Garth Stevenson
(READIT)1973 The Science of Life ~ Paul A. Weiss

(READIT)1974 The Only Dance There Is ~ Ram Dass
1962 The Gods Who Made Heaven And Earth ~ Jean Sendy
1968 The Spiritual Man ~ Watchman Nee
1969 Christ is Dead Buddha Lives, Eastern Religions in the Electric Age ~ John H. Garabedian & Orde Coombs
1954 Code of Hebrew Law ~ Shulhan Aruk
1962 The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology ~ Joseph Campbell
1962 Box Set ~ Islam, Protestantism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism ~ George Braziller
(READIT)1982 Science and Religion in the Thought of Nicholas Malebranche ~ Michael E. Hobart
1968 Dear Doctor Hippocrates ~ Eugene Schoenfeld

1998 The Bible Code ~ Michael Drosnin
1998 The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls In English ~ Geza Vermes
2005 What Does The Bible Really Teach? ~ Watch Tower
1986 A Pocket Guide To Christian Belief ~ Jean Smith
1992 Favorite Novenas to the Saints ~ A St. Joseph Prayerbook
1958 The Master: A Life of Jesus Christ ~ Walter Russel Bowie
1961 New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures ~ Watch Tower Birble and Tract Society
1955 You May Survive Armageddon into Gods New World ~ Watchtower
MCMLIII Peter: Disciple - Apostle - Martyr ~ Oscar Cullman
1961 Entrusted With Spiritual Leadership ~ Harry Joshua Stern
1972 The Perfection of Yoga ~ A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swarmi Prabhupada
1965 Shri Aurobindo His Life and Teachings ~ Popular Prakashan

Suggestion.. Seek some of these4 for reading..
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

You Made Me..

Stop complaining about what I am. Stop telling me to just be myself and then argueing that I should change into something for you. I am something. I know me. I know you. You make me what I am. I am whatever you say I am. Decide to say I am something you want me to be and I am that. I am that Iam. I am a mirror of you, so when you decide you do not want me behaving in such and such a way it si because you see that behavior in you and do not like it. Like it.. it is there, but respond to it however you do and do not feel any one way or the other over the behavior, you are just being what you are.

I was designed by you. I am exactly what I am supposed to be,I respond ALWAYS exactly as I am meant to respond and IF you can listen to the metaphor, the parable, the parabola, then you will know that what I say is equal to what you say, its the mirror. We are the same, we are whole, not one, but whole, a being being bes, and every aspect does its job flawlessly, and every flaw is flawless. The idea of a golden rule is that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but there are no others, there is only you, and in doing unto you as you would have done unto you, the goal is achieved in one step not two. Expectation is the emotional downfall here, I place a belief that if I do something it willmake me happy or sad or angry etc. but I am the thing, I am the actions, and I make myself. Period. You areme andthus you make me. Period.

There is no ONE reality, there is REALITY without number. Thereis no me or you or us and them, there only Is, there is only Am.

WE are not a group, I am not a unit, there is no one of us and two of them, there is no number except the concept therein. Number only exists within number. Emotions only exist within emotions, concepts only exist within concepts, and words cannot make the clarity of reality less illusive, they are designed to be unreal.

What is a word?
Its a collection of geometric shapes, symbols, a representative. When someone wants to meet the dhali lama do they, upon meeting the representative of the dalilama mistake him upon introduction as he whom he represents? Of coursenot, we recognize that they are one and the same energy, one and the same consciousness, and made up of each other, but our linear expectation is that we seek THE dali Lama, and REPRESENTATIVE is NOT DALI LAMA.

I knows that I did not absorb myself into myself all over, If I did I would know fully myself wherever I see me, and myself would know me, I would not need these words to convey information about topics I already knows, but yet I does.

I can be seen as a substitute symbo for the symbol GOD. As can all other indefinite and definite articles. I, you, me, we, us, them, they, A, an, etc. Pointers, relative arrowheads or MIRRORS, which reflect that which is to be reflected, GOD trying to figure himself out. Us, trying to figure ourselves out.

Figure ourself out.. That is see ourself outside ourself, not see ourself from outside ourself, but push ourselves into the outside area. The space that is outside of space. God doesent know where he came from, he created s as aspects or a spectator of himself to help him figure it out, so, one can see that we are all inside themind of God, e has setup an infinite number of running applications to process the infinite numberofquestions determined necessary in the answering ofquestions which he has either forgotten the answer to or never knew the answer to in the first place.