August 3rd, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


0 Ze(row)..Zreo, oreo, reo, re err, error, orrer lopsoded loopyness. Zoomness, ness is sucess, process, progress, impression. I on ss pre i am.

Od was od bfor God. In wavin at G, O went OoOoO! Duh!. Why did O wave at G, because G waved at O, in an Od way which O had never Oh'd before. d b d way to wave since O was i, d had been being d only way to wave. oddly enough. Od had often waved twice which Od felt was Odd, but until Od was waved at by G Od never felt od at all. Od Oh'd after waving with d for d longest time. But d didnt deliver duality until G brought an opening never seen before in the history of O. Od felt odd being opened up by God. But Od was open, so Od accepted God letting God overwheaml Od until Od was low od, a humble G.

It was Od being God but oh well. Od had as much right to God as any Od, oddly enough. Actually God would have thought Od odd had od not been created by God.

C re eating d it took crates to create creation between G and Od, characterized by clownng around, clumsiness and cool clauses, Od thought somehow C saw Od's waving at God and would doG a favor by shoing himself in mirrors.

ors? Wait I can be God OR Od? Thats Odd, deduce diagonally and decipher duality der during depression, do do! do do! God! God is Od! G! Gee!

C so me be me and ye be ye, can God be Dog in a mirror?à

Between Betwin, Bet Win, Be T, w IN.

i am. i am. i am. i am.