August 14th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Basic Human Beliefs

Be it we dissolve belief at will, comprehension of humanity from reflection upon the basis of co-operation means seeking patterns in every refracted reflection, at some point hoping to view the substance of reflection as something other than that which is reflected within it. Imagine first the one is not merely the reflection in the mirror, but the mirror IS IN the reflection, thus reflector and reflection are self absorbed in the belief that the reflector came second. Lets stroll along.

Human Beliefs

A. AREA Perspective - We believe in near and far. Near is bigger and far is smaller because of A belief in A-re-A.

B. Bi-ality - We believe in the existence of "out there" in relation to "in here" that is we believe in DUAL DIVISION. Do All Be. Be can only Be if Area exists as some Be-able place that is "OTHER"

C. We believe what we C. Cence a tie on. We beieve in the flow through of the area and the being, bi-directional transmission of existence, interchange of inception. We believe in CAN. See A N. N representing incoming and outgoing signal. COMMUNICATION Com U and I C A Tie On. We believe in MIRROR.

This is an integral point in understanding reality, reflect upon it very deeply as it will change every being to know what belief in mirror means. A mirror is an animate AREA that lives and communicates only in the presence of something to reflect. Place two mirrors face to face and view the served communication, "hall of mirrors"

A Philosophical term for mirroring is "infinite regression"

Now ask yourself, can a mirror lie? Does a mirror seek anything or does it do as it is designed to do and present itself AS the "other" When we say we see ourselves in the mirror do we think about what we are saying? We are IN the mirror! We can speak at mirrors and faithfully reflect upon perfect reflection though mirrors exclude what we often do not, "refraction". Enough on mirrors for now, they will return.

D. We believe in deduction, that is we believe in inversion, working backward, or development as something which stems from roots rather than buds. We see the buds and then branch, then trunk and roots and the earth they embed within, we believe in MEMORY. MEME(same)OR(Y)

E. We believe in MEASURE. ME AS U R E. E represents that belief, the belief in comparison in relative EVALUATION.

F. We believe also in Frequency. Free Que and see why. We believe not only IN measure, we believe in COMPARITIVE measure, that is we believe in MEASURING MEASURES.

G. We believe in BELIEF. That is much simpler a thing than it appears. We ARE BELIEVERS IN GOD. Whether we believe there is "a" God, we do believe that GOD is something there is to believe in and thus we believe. We believe EVERYTHING. A concept is a belief. Whether the concept is directly derived from some substantial thing or not, the concept itself exists and thus we believe the concept exists. We believe in Go. Thats God. Gee odd.

H. We believe in HEMI..over and under.

I. We believe in INTER..sides. Heres an interesting tidbit, the prefix In- means NOT, so inside means NOTside.

J. We believe in Joint(groups) that is we believe in rounding off things in order to join them by dividing them. Just jig judge Jack.

K. We believe in Kin, the symbology of the letter K shows much of out beliefs concerning kin ok. K is an affirmative sound. The shape of k is a greater than less than arrow pointed back at an l or an I depending on font, also the upper branch of the arrow is thinner than the lower one showing another aspect. Details details..

L. We believe in linearity. We believe in LINES.

M. We believe in Magnetism as a form of ATTRACTION. AT Traction.

N. We believe in No. That is EQUILIBRIUM. Where one thing balances against another and both are ON NO or NO ON. Mirrored ONs.

O. We believe in Or. This is one of our deepest and most difficult to surpass beliefs in every area of human existence. We believe in POSSIBILITY, POTENTIALITY, PROBABILITY. We believe in OUT. We believe BOTH IN AND OUT. And where does cosmos end? What is out of it? Hm. How far down the rabbit Ole are we willing to go, when we find inverse proportionality inescapable. What were Gods parents names?
We believe in ORIGINS.

P. We believe in Pressure, push, pull. Tension.

Q. We believe in Questing, a Qeue is a place where thing pile up while waiting. A qeue is a doorway too small for everyone to go through at once. A Quote is the quest for backup.

R. We believe in resolution. R shows us that angles fall into curvature when the resolution is amplified. We believe in the RADICAL. We believe in WONDER.

S. We believe in simultaneous systems synchronous seas. S is an open yin yang, a believe in the interconnectedness of superstructure. Some such and such so so. Spirals, sounds, silly superstitions, static..

T. We believe in Ties. Ties are relative examples ie.s=T translation. Talk. To, Too, Two.

U. We believe in YOU. U is the symbol for internal energy or soul. We believe in UNITY, UNIFORMITY, UBI(Latin for WHERE)

V. We believe in Volume, amplification, the ability to VARY EVERY VARIABLE.

W. We believe in WAVES or wavering attractions. Water is an example.

X. We believe in STOP. That is X symbolizes our belief in error. We believe in the ability to be wrong or false or make lies. True yes we can make those labels. But labels are labels and acts are acts, and X marks the spot where belief falls on its face and recognizes itself for its own reflection realizing that the overall concept structure behind falsity has nothing to stand on, mirrors mirror. Flaws are just different.

Y. We believe in WHY! We believe in YES! We believe in Yet... We believe that everything can be referred via metaphor to the appearance of trees, base, trunk, branches.. We believe in BRANCH thinking or thinking about the roots of things, we also recognize that upon reaching the roots of the tree we must flip ourselves upside down and see the trees roots are also branches and oh... another mirror.. To infinity and beyond.

Z. We believe in... tranZitions. This is a reflection of N, tis refracts equilibrium into new directions.

Zeta (uppercase Ζ, lowercase ζ) is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 7

Thus the uppercase is delved into in one manner. Humanity it is time to begin looking at the language you use, and to see the MEANINGS of the symbols, there were GIVEN to us after all.

Just let go of pompousness and pride and look again at the words, see patterns of letter placements, see the REAL REASONS for the shapes. The trick is to recognize that there is ALWAYS a mirror(Am I R or R?)

NO! is !ON coming back reversed.

A large key to stepping forward is in the study of affixes.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Beginning In A Middle

"A" seems like a fine place to arrange all from..

Imagine 10 point perspective if you can. A 3d diagram would help but it seems that even computers haven't caught up with real life in terms of how depth functions in multi point perspective..

Imagine the following..

A tapered cone facing a tapered cone, faceted, all facets being mirrors. This creates infinite depth both in every direction outwards over the lips and also infinite depth to the central in. In addition, the mirror faces create infinite depth tunnels within image feedback loops. Thus 8 "points" of perspective in the outer ring(uni polar) plus one in the central conal pit, plus one(to the power of PI) for every reflective facet face. And LETS NOT STOP THERE! 11PI for the FACING torus cone...

Humanity has being doing kindergarten math for centuries.

See the perspective is only a baby step, add REFLECTION, and then allow for N directional motion, concurrently in N directions at N speeds.

PI Perspective
PI Motion

One could call the english language PI. BTW. I found patterns in PI.