August 18th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Need to Understand Infinity and Eternity

The aptest alternatives to and of.

In "DEFINING" thing we utilize myriad letter groupings in presentation of representation. RE-presentation, a presentation of the presentation, that means we are not presenting anything new we are merely playing peek-a-boo. We are pulling out a concept from that which is conceived and because of the stemming from or OF, the TO cannot be anything other than OF.

IN-as a prefix means NOT
IT-the thing
Y-to be of

NOT the END of the THING

See why the collective have had "difficulties" accepting this structure? It's due to its composition, the FLOW of the GO of it. It contains and END a FIN and thus subliminally it is self defeating. IT synonyms a positive 1 and a negative one canceling each other out. It cannot truly represent that which is claims to any more that the arrow symbol on the sign pointing at the pot hole can BE the pothole. It's a pointer, it's mans method of asking for directions by stating the desired destination, one cannot state a destination in a proposed infinity or eternity, for in doing so the concept self rescinds and a dismissal of the overal concept is forthwith. Hand in hand with the word.

TRULY, Alpha and Omega.. A and O are the symbols meant to represent the concepts of time and space without bounds. When examining the structure of these symbols we tend to fall forward into the now and see the letters A and O. Where these stem from is..

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord."

I am All Far and O Meager. begin in g and end in g, as it, the lore.

Thats a funny way to rearrange it but lets look at the smallest words in the language and see which if them stack up to an understanding of infinity and eternity.


These are the basic building blocks of our language, these and the prefixes and suffixes of two letters only. Three letter prefixes are two letter suffixes with handles. The other words are either signalers such as Ah! and Hi! and Lo! and Ga! etc. They are IE's

The difference between a NOUN and a VERB is that one is A and the other is O. A represents the AREA or objectification or BE-ness of THING-ness. O represents the MEMORY of the thing, the MOTION or ACTION or FLOW of the GO.

That is verbs do not exist as noun-things, they are mere methods of describing PHASES. We say the water is running, pouring, dripping, flowing, streaming, cascading, swirling, flushing, gushing, etc. none of these are actual objects, they are infinitives, they apply to infinitely every object which will accept them. they are not the objects themselves but rather the do-ness of the objects as they relate to other objects.

Thus we see them as they we, as they are and as they will be, FLOWING>

How can one open infinity? EASY. We focus on letting it go. By what name do we TRULY know infinity? Well thats easy, by IT's name, infinity of course. However there are other words which overshadow infinity, which seek without end, point without hitting anything and flow without and within.

The words are "TO" and "OF"

Standing alone these are without relative. They do however relate to each other, they share a common symbol, the "O" Thus one is the flow in and the other the flow out, and in ALL communication there is a FLOW of equal. And know this, ALL things communicate. ALL things use language.

Do you see that rock there? Do you think it knows what it is? Of course it KNOWS it's a rock, if it did not know "HERE I AM-ness" radiating from it, and more than just that, it also EATS. It ABSORBS and REFLECTS light. ABSORBTION is ingestion. So the rock it knows "IM GREY" "IM HEAVY" "IM ON YOU" "YOURE ON ME" "I EAT THESE COLORS OF LIGT" "I SPIT OUT THESE COLORS OF LIGHT" etc. This is all common sense to a rock. Try and tell a rock it's not a rock, it very likely won't believe you, it'll just keep on believing it's a rock. Why" Because it is one step past belief, it's in the KNOW! It doesn't need belief. It KNOWS what it is.




Are rocks intelligent? DAMN RIGHT. They can't be convinced they are plants, they will listen to anything you say free of preconceived notions of truth and lies, they will just accept that you are what you are, and the sound you make is the tempo of you, they're smart enough to let you say anything you want to say and still be themselves. They don't get upset unless something upsets them, then they're set up as long as up is set, but once they're set down, they sit down and stay sat until being set up again, and neither up nor down makes any spit of difference to them KNOWING they are what they are.

Oh my children, it seems you all claim that learning is what you want, but like the Jehovas Witness who came today to push a signal perceived from a focused perspective, you see what you want to see and ignore the rest, the poor fellow exhibited the same behavior as almost everyone I have met all my life, he put his hand up to stop me from speaking and chose to display ignorance by leaving. Ignorance is an obvious trait.

If "god" made everything than "god" made EVERYTHING!! If "god" is in everything, than everything is IN "god"! Do you thing "god" would accept imperfections within himself? Well, perhaps he would accept a label which claims some perfection is I AM. I.M.PERFECTION>
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Lets focus on ST. Let's see how, why, etc. ST is what it is. Lets follow a bit of word logic utilizing only words from the base list provided in the previous post.


OK Lets now input a whole bunch of other words beginning with ST, in as morpheme a sense as possible, excluding all potential suffixes..


There are not that many words in the english language that begin with STA or STO. In order to appreend the true intention of ST we may also choose to step outside the REALM of A and O and utilize other vowels however in doing so we redirect the intention of ST.

In remaining withing the A and O realms we not only learn about ST, we also begin to see the intention of other letters such as RE, ND, OP, CK, NE, and VE. This is how we clarify the truth of reality through language, we stop IGNORING the letters and look for patterns in them, and cross reference the patterns with the supposed parables, the "meanings" of the groupings.