August 22nd, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Here follows some questions.. let's see how many eyes we pop.

1. Do heat and light move at the same speed?
2. Do trees eat heat?

oh wait a minute, it's time to solve some myths.. though they have certainly enjoyed being completely overlooked in a common sense manner up until now, it seems the illusion of time as a concept has led humanity to believe just about anything they hear, regarding less has become the norm of thought while regarding more the realm of knowledge.. Lesson language..

Anyone who believes in communication as something attributed to what we label "rational thinking beings" is out of the loop in a sense.

I think therefore I am.. "thought".
I know therefore I am.. "knowledge"
I believe therefore I am.. "belief"
I sense therefore I am.. "sensation"

ation.. at I on.

We have "thought" we were because we thought we were, we have believed us to be because we thought we were believing thoughts to be things to believe in and thus we thought that if a thing didn't speak with words we understood as transliterable then the "thing" was not sentient of it's own existence, not knowing itself to be.

A rock doesn't need to think to be a rock, yet it is a rock. A rock KNOWS it is a rock and it communicates its rockness by being what it is. Everything that exists uses language.

What is white made of?
What is black made of?
What is pure anything?

Pure white as the combination of all colors.
Pure black as the absence of all colors.

Do we see light? If we see light why is the sky dark at night?
It IS FULL of light and heat and cold and dark simultaneously.

Light is an emission of potentiality, it becomes potentially one thing or another by what it communicates with.

Yes light is a particle and it waves. Its a waving particle. Its a whole slew of particles going in every direction waving tempermentally, temporarily temporally.

Temporal motion is based in temporary position.

If a thing exists, it exists potentially. It is a potent-i-ally.

That means is is an ally of any I, a potent one at that. pot-ent? po-tent? hmm dig deeper humans, the synonyms are morphemable. To realize te truth of what is being said by all ptentialities we must recognizxe what is being said in our own language. Our substantial sub-level language.

Rocks be rocks. They know what they are, they know how to EMIT themselfness as language and to recieve ally signals and absorb them as they are capable of being conduced to change in temporal scales.

Look at the rock, what are we seeing? The rock or the light which has rebounded to and of the rock some being absorbed and some being deflected, that light which is deflected is everything BUT the rock, the rock absorbed the light which is most kin to it and determined that the rest was not worthy of fueling it, thus was batted away.

Yes light is rock fuel. Rocks are made of atoms and what is the most abundant source of fuel for everything existing? LIGHT.

So, the rock EATS light, that light which most agrees with the temperment of the rock.

Theres a trick here now..

What is DARK? We say it is an absence of light, but lets look at the word a little harder..

D-ARK. oh then D represents an ark? and arc which utilizes the math of k instead of the math of c? Does that mean absolute absorbtion or absolute reflection?

When we look out into space at night and see the stars against a black or be-lack background, what do we believe that to mean? The sky is filled with light from billions of suns yet is BLACK! Not just the space between is black, but the space apparently behind is black.. speculate..

Is there.. the edge of space void of reflect(or)s and abs(or)bers? Does the edge of space reflect ALL light absolutely or absorb all light absolutely?

What then is dark? is it a tangable thing? or is it the abscence of a thing which is also intangable?

Light is not a tangable thing, aside from the word we utilize to define the properties things display, color, shadow, intensity etc, we have no idea what light is except something mystical and inconceivable, it just is what it is and common sense says don't question it any furthur than accept it for being a great unknown.

The same goes for dark, heat, cold, and every other concept we've got in their purest senses. The most apt words we've got for light are MAGIC and possibly, probably, potentially, pure.

What is pure? What is I.M.pure?

Recognize that everything existing is in trinity. to AND of. the and is a unity of alpha, omega and FLOW or temporal temporaryness.

The metaphors for what is occurring are everywhere, there is no place where they are not. The language we utilize, both english and french and any other using the latin alphabet contain clear clues to the means and methods of whats occurring..

Picture placing two mirrors face to face with a large LENS between and touching both of them. Now, imagine that the object is not do discern the differences between the reflections, but to determine the makeup of PROPERTY, not substance. The substance of the mirrors are easy science, explainable with numerable synonyms, however property of substance is in itself another form of substance.

What is reflectivity MADE OF.
What is refractivity MADE OF.

Am I the only alien on this planet?

The middle name of this entity is terrance..

any idea what the suffix -ance stands for?
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Lets look at love..

I've been raking the leaves off the alphabet for a while now, looking the letter combinations up and down, forward and backward and have a pretty good idea of what "love" really means at every level of existence, not just the human one, but just to illustrate how blind this species has been to the most often sought after concept on the plant, lets show what the dictionary has to say, somewhat summarized.. then we'll take a few askance glances from the perspective of a fractal refraction.

Some edits inserted to highlight language.

Which states o and e as EXCESS symbols.

love (lv)
1. "A" deep, t/ender, ineffable feeling..

just to know, feelings come in, they dont go out.

2. A feel/in/g of in/tense de/sire and at/traction..
a. Sexual passion.
b. Sexual intercourse.
c. A love affair.
4. An intense emotional attachment..
5. a "term" of endearment.
6. An expression of affection
a. A strong predilection or enthusiasm: a love of language.
b. The object of such an enthusiasm: The outdoors is her greatest love.

In truly studying the WORD rather than the concept it claims to be we must seek other words containing the same letters collected together and see what they stand for, thus giving us a greater SCOPE of the revealance (revelance) of and to.

[Middle English, from Old English lufu; see leubh- in Indo-European roots.]

lo - look to relate
low - position of relation
long - scale of relation
lock - state of relation
london - place of relation

go on..

ov AND vo
over - position of relation
oven - place of relation to temper/ature
volume - position of relation or temper/tempo amplitude
volition - to relation

vehicle - position of relation
veto - to relation

There exist many more, lets play around with ordering now.

love evol
elov vole
velo olev
ovel levo

Notice the combinations? This shows mathematical constituents which due to the education of mathematical principal cannot be ignored, the word is the sum of its parts no matter the organization.


Love portends to LV or phonetically, Lof.

L-of is to say that of leads to L. L shows a base level and a lev-it-at-i-on.

Love is a statement of TENSE. Love states that which HAS actualized ALREADY, it states the PAST temporal action, it shows that the energy transferred has saturated a specific color within the receiver.


Upon recognition of the sillyness emotional preference in TERMS we begin to evaluate the entire human species from the standing point of FACT. And the facts point very definately at one singular word which is applicable across the entire board of existentialism.


And what is preferred is what is less in volume, less in frequency.

We want less pain, that is we want MORE less-ness in the pain color spectrum.

We want more of that which we have less of and less of that which we have more of, it's an emblazoned battle for an equilibrium.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Noun -vs- Verb

[Middle English, name, noun, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin nomen (translation of Greek onoma, name, noun); see no-men- on Indo-European roots.]

[Middle English verbe, from Old French, from Latin verbum, word, verb (translation of Greek rhema, word, verb); see wer-5 in Indo-European roots.]

Lots of pejorative literature can be cited to bring about mass confusion as to the meaning of these words, as seen from the above lineage of verb as meaning WORD and noun meaning name, which is in fact what a WORD is..

As taught throughout the majority of english speaking earth noun is a STATIC representative, presenting NON-mobile matter, or pseudo-static-ness as label of static-thing-ness.

Verb represents transitiveness or transitoriness, motional emotional, movement, or meaning noun+move. Verb being 1/2 of the equation, though it's transitory nature assumes a psuedo-static nature of beingness in that it claims in and of itself to be thing-ness apart from that which it acts on, act(i)on. It's nature is to take the noun(verb) act and double it up, in essence saying the act IS acting or the action is a verb pretending to be a noun.

In that all words are nouns, that is, they name the nameable, the rule applies also to verbs, verbs are nouns and nouns are verbs, but in mathematical sense, one thing can only equal one thing and noun is NOT verb.

Thus, "I" as a noun cannot "BE" act. A noun does not BE a verb a noun VERBS a verb. Steping furthur into motion we recognize that all motion is emotion or (E)multiplied by motion, thus no noun can BE an emotion, a noun can only verb an emotion.

I am NOT happy.
I "feel" happy.

I am NOT sad.
I "feel" sad.

Now what is a verb "felt"?
What is a "feeling"?
A sensed vibration?
What is it to "sense"?
How is "sense" achieved as sense is a verb transition between the noun and the verb, we reach an infinite regression in seeking to recognize a specific psitional co-ordinate for sensation to exist within/without.

verb as a vibe/vibration
noun as a NOun (un as motion.. unn represents the alphabetic version of yinyang. akin to S)

the symbol collective verb is self defining, Be (to the right of r, r shows the flow of b from the right to the left of the "to-of" the foot of the word is the right hand side in a linear sense. to e, e as the rotating tunnel of equality leading to the V which represents more-into less, or another representation of "of-to"

The central figure in verb is e, the motion denominator

(e) as equal to motion, emotion. e=motion.

However we must now return to noun to show that noun includes motion as a necessity as all things are perpetually in motion and cannot avoid e.

noun - no as on coming from the right<-
thus nuon is equal to noun.. lets go a step furthur though an make a union of noun.

noun as unon with a central i as the mirror. un(i)on or nu(i)on

which is a statement of un as on. motion = on = noun.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

To Be If..

To be if Of be. A STATEMENT.

To be being or to be of being..

oho, been running around "to" and "of" so oft of late that the charter comes "to" mind..

fundamental freedoms (section 2), namely freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association.

of (v, v; v when unstressed)
1. Derived or coming from; originating at or from

realization of the cosmic scheme of things is hilarious.

Freedom "of" belief means to be free of beliefs.
Freedom "of" conscience means to be free of conscience.

These concepts are nearing the end of thier lives.

Do you believe in belief? Belief believes in itself, but when it looks really closely it recognizes that without f it belie.

Based on the laws set forth, we have the right fundamentally guaranteed to NOT believe in belief. Thus we may choose to not believe in laws and the laws themselves protect us.

Can anyone say "belle verte"?