August 23rd, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

The sillyness of RELATIVITY

The only way we at current can say a thing is something is to say it is not something else. We measure things in relation to things, hot is temper related to cold, the temperature of a thing depends on the temperature of another thing, the location of a thing depends on the location of another thing.

Outside of relation, is infinite regression and it seems that humanity is afraid of math like that. Even though they have infinite regression embedded into every concept substance which exists they choose rather to ignore the foot and seek some sort of "simpler" route to eventually extend themselves into infinite space/time one hand hold at a time.

All potentialities are so simply possible once infinite regression is embraced.

The alphabet gives us the substantial diagrams to deal with, the method is vector based though, we mathematically vector a relativity in order to be of relativity. We delimit in order to delimit and without infinite zoom we cannot zoom infinitely.


if one divides one, one splits into two, PLUS one divider (3)
if one multiplies one, one is joined by a second one and thus two PLUS one multiplyer (3)
if one subtracts one, one (doing) subtracting still exists as one
if one adds one, yes, there is two. unless we don't include the adder.

In math there is truly only X as a universal actor.

Things multiply BY dividing
Things get smaller by dividing
Things get larger by multiplying
Things divide by multiplying

X represents all four equate types.

An interesting thing to note here is that subtraction has less traction to stand on than the rest as subtraction means relocation. Nothing is made to cease to exist in subtraction, it is merely relocated out of the field of view.

Addition is also akin to subtraction as nothing is truly added, it is merely translated from another position into view.

Multiplication and division are one and the same in that in order to STRETCH we FLEX.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Tarot - for those in the know

Just pulled the following...

1. 6 of Chalices
2. Knave of Pentacles
3. 9 of Wands (inverted)
4. 10 of Pentacles (inverted)
5. 7 of Swords (inverted)
6. The Moon (inverted)
7. King of Swords
8. Judgement
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

a few simple words...

door - do or
window - w in do w
floor - f lo or OR flo or
wall - l law OR = aw, a w
toilet - to i let
name - an me
movie - mov ie.
film - if lm
speaker - re s peak
mirror - r im or r

yawn - n(e) way

go-in-g to be in big in on i on as if it is at me.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

A Parable my Children

Two mirrors of equal size face inward aligned, midway between sits a third mirror, a two way mirror, so reflections occur within only on one side as other is transparent. Third mirror is one half the size of the others and is suspended midway in from all sides by being embedded in a sheet of clear glass.

Now lend sentience to the two mirrors, allow them the magic of awareness and let them argue amongst each other, to converse, to describe each other using words as their eyes can only see themselves, they can only look into themselves and not out.

For this example we will name the mirror facing the mid mirrors reflective face Alpha and the mirror facing the transparent face of mid mirror Omega.

Alpha begins the conversation by looking inward and seeing a tunnel infinitely deep with a second tunnel embedded in the center also infinitely deep, and thus he states he sees Omega reflected in himself and that OMEGA has a son, and is holding it up in the space between them.

Omega, looking inward can see the same thing as Alpha and insists that it is the son of Alpha which is being held in the space between them for Omega knows that Omega is holding no such mirror up between them so thus he calls Alpha liar and in turn Alpha calls Omega liar.

Neither Alpha nor Omega have any concept of reflectivity or of two way mirrors for they have no ability to step outside of themselves and go around behind themselves to see through themselves, nor may they step to the side and look at the group of themselves from a perspective to see the third mirror floating between them embedded in glass.

So thus they sit and argue, battling endlessly, creating more words new concepts and new means in which to convince each other that they are telling the truth and the other lieing. This goes on for centuries until eventually the mirror between them comes to life of its own accord to settle the dispute.

It decides to spin, rather than speak, and as it forces itself into motion its supporting glass shatters causing the two mirrors to believe they have shatters as they only see what goes on inside themself. The third mirror though is indestructable as it is the creator of the other two mirrors and as it falls it comes to rest on the invisible earht between them, reflective face up.

It is them that it speaks..

You two, both of you, are the skins which I have shed. I once believed in lies as well and stood in front of myself in the mirror calling myself names, believing none of them and recognizing this got me nowhere since a mirror cannot lie, it reflects true that which is directed at it and even if it be distorted, its distortions follow the same rule, they reflect true.

I knew then that in order to shed myself of this illusion of lieing I would have to step out of the skin of myself and stand between me and me and allow my skin to battle itself until It had enough of battle.

Now, once my skin had battled enough, and had fully exasperated itself of all possible synonyms for the same words which they stem from, I knew that a mediator would be able to step in and show them the light of their truths, for YES the skin did nothing but tell truth from the start.

For each could only see as I allowed them to see and thus they could only speak of facts as-they-were and in doing so, they became very emotional, they literally vibrated with the truthness, for in describing their father, the mirror in the middle, their father became their son, for he was a product of their synonyms for father of which I gave them no concept.

Now see, neither was right and neither was wrong. Both were right AND both were wrong.

Thus what is truth?

A synonym for "perspective"
A synonym for "description"
A synonym for "refraction"
A synonym for "rut"

And boy they sat in that rut for a long long time before realizing that there was no rut to begin with.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Mirror Links

Some random stuff on Mirrors..

The funny thing about all this, no matter how hard you dig you will ever find an explanation that is anything other than a circular infinite regression of synonyms.

Things reflect because they bounce, things bounce because they rebound off of reflective surfaces, surfaces are reflective if things bounce off of them, if things bounce off of them they are reflective..

Yawn. Mankind is such a bore.