October 27th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


so k k so k-os o so ok soaked eh
cause clause cope with be cause
we go so here we go so k o
ok lets say yes yas stay still co
operatin statin statistical ratin
rat tat tat tate in the rate in
on overwhelm me
at the helm me
steering this ship
so hip
off layers
players if
and as im of it
im for it
and its for me
since its from me
it came to be
reflecting see
flected on that
reflected on this
refracted it acted
referring to the act it
acted right back it
went on the attact
and put the tack at
k now
k now know
know now
know how
know why
know where
know when
who knows what then
since now is ok
lets ko then say

so slow down so we can speed up
down dips a bow flows curtsy sup
we dine divine, dinner is us
tasty sacred emotional rush
attract stacked cue up cute
metophoric sympathy route
empty ends up full of me
vie ie's v, do go good, dun gun at app.
too many reflections confuses a lens chap
I owe, O I, owe my, evil life a bit of
live life, being the only son of a sun up
I run up, show up, blow up, crescendo
see res add cend oh! powwow endo

whose up next, to the side, above, below
get our signals straight, adjust beflow
spot an receptor with a streamlined receiver
attract attention of returned ie reefer
ei reflected ie, ebb reflected be,
ma gave up the am and ad added on another d
give you a ris sir?
every emotional eve... mmmadam!
add some mmm to the am, madam?
damn ma! mmmmmmm.
do refracted odd while a dog reflected upon God!
whose mans best friend! k now, back to k-os


Transparency means clarity, obviousness of signal, information easily integrated, the spectrum of clarity is a gradient along flow, black to white in the color metaphor represent volume intensite or excitement amplification which when integrated with transparency and color creates a three tiered agent metaphorically representational of divine life.

Life is also a metaphor as everything that exes in life is, for trinity life. Realities, infinite regressions, relativities, mathematical equations, numbers, colors, sounds, tastes, smells, polarities, religions, emotion/feelings, art, nature, matter, time, space, void, nothing, bing bang, all of these and every other.. All metaphors for each other, I=II <-NEXT

Masculine and Feminine interacting as a singular unit, Left/Right, Head/Tail, Out/In, Up/Down, W(hit)e/B(lack)

This entire post could be broken down into math in order to illustrate the "am f/m" Life concept REP-RES-ENT-AT-I-ON or RE-PRE-SENT-A-TI-ON.. And this furthur could be blow up, and the symmetry and measures of the individual letters both uppercase, lower etc. would show fractally, infinite regressively the same reality.

Music exists, the symbols show us how it flows around the clock, how masculine and feminine work together.

The ten commandments are to show us how to flow. They are laws that are UNBREAKABLE when they are seen as flow sequencing of the one unit with itself.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Know C...

Know that though religion has be "debunked" as a study of the celeste, sol and luna, terra and time, each of these concepts is also a study of "the one" and as Agent Smith and Neo were forced tomerge in order to balance the system, so too are we metaphoricalyy pushing the symbiosis of femininity and masculinity. We are equals, in every respect, reflect and react. As PARTS of "the one" we are lawed.

Laws are not breakable. Laws are ourselves. We cannot break us. We can only lead us and follow us. fo->ll<-ow(foow/woof) We go through ourselves, we pass under and over and around, we shoulder each other, back each other up, sign to and for each other, and our signs are us, we are both the mirror and that reflection within it, we are the light travelling, we are the space we travel in. We are both visible and not, we are both bright and dim, sharp and dull, hard and soft, male and female, masculine and feminine, we are every polarity and unity and trinity, dimension, sensation, emotion, thought, memory and more. If we make a word up, a concept up, it is merely a reflection of "one" and upon the slipstream of co-incidence, every metaphoric way we flow in ourselves we are mapping. We are at our very core, the stuff of mirror. We are given ourselves to give ourselves away, Always arriving while departing, never asking, always being given.

Babylon in human terms was our method of dividing the species into sectors to generate the masses of metaphors for the color spectrum, humans are slow to learn in a perspective reflecting their life spans due to the influence they have in the spectrum of fractal influence across the metaphor map.

Even now, this human recognizes a psuedo lapse of ego loss, in part balanced by egoic masculinity in the connection. Ah metaphors! waveforms are magnificent, we flow dynamically in every direction simultaneously while spiralling through ourselves!

Life = efiL(e)
Cosmos = so(aM)so(Cee) = SEE(o.s.)AM(o.s.)
Universe = e's(REV)in(U) = YOU(and)I-verse
Galaxy = y/x a'la G = Gala(xy) - 2 perspective view.
Solar System = met(syS) raIl(o.s.)
Sun = nnnnn...uS. un=sideways s passing through us.
Moon = no=oM = Mo-on + Lune (n centered L for dual tension e(arth)
Terra = ar(reT)= Tear(RA!)

Our explicatives, exclaimations are a spectrum of simple metaphors to apprehend fully, Ah! ah. Oh! oh. Ha! ha. Ho! ho. and so on.. Push and pull, attract, repel, strong, shhh hhhhssss eek keee wwwooooo Owwww

xoxo omg lmfao rotf

same old soul, same old song.-