October 29th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Imagine the task, diagramming the one from the many, in a meta-metaphor encompassing existence in singular unity.. simplicity staggers supersuction in H, shhhh! Keep it to yourself Cosmos keeps saaying, every unit is getting it right on cue and schedule and they never even saw it coming! It's so silly I find it difficult to believe sometimes that I am a part of everything that exists and there is a three way influence occurring naturally all around and in and between!

Beginning to realize the shape of me is fascinating, I am what I was made to become and the shapes of my future are my name! All the ins and out, forwards and backs, ups and downs, colors and textures, methods, morals, ideals, preferences and dreams and every other reflective concept is found in the letters which are over my entity, the handle of me, the nick, the numbers, the signs, and stores of more. I am all of this locally, this part of me is this part of me and I am!

I realize now that everything everyone has ever said to me has been treasured by me, truths coming in waves shapes to be by me for me and always true! Iterpretation of the flow was the reason for writing bibles, the bib was for showing off how masculine and feminine and neuter function together as a cosmic unity in the three spectrums and dimensions. Realize that 4th dimension is merely a cross of the others, another perspective on 3. All things are.

Everything in the entire cosmos is perfectly on schedule and rolling.

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Fun Learning how to read metaporic flow in words..

There are an immense number of metaphoric routes one can go when examining the cross reference of symbolic one-ness that exists within us, we each pat and pad our own ways though, our substance is complex and with each new human it continues to becomes better, stronger, faster, etc. across the spectrum, some are made to degrade and deteriorate due to the influence of their cadence in fractaliousness encore!

Pressure is shielding, is the press-u-re we send out to counter specific types of signal we receive from ourselves..

OK. Step one. Directions.
(1) Words are normall read left-right, begin reading them in reverse.
(1) Words are uni-directional, tri-directional, or spiral out-in/in-out, even/odd, odd/even, left/right or right/left.
(3) Words are always UNI, uni encompasses plurality, you(n)I. The lowercase un symbolizes flow direction, clockwise or counter dependant upon surrounding symbols.
(4) All terms in existence count. Acronyms, prefixes, names, abbreviations, webchat lingo, foriegn languages, the natural flaura/fauna geometry, idealogoy of expression, exclaimation, querying, waiting, flowing, sounds, emotions, anything counts, everything is 1 equal metaphor. The stronger we reincarnate the apprehension ofmetaphor the louder we scream it our, roar it, howl it, stream it into the collective us. Just scratching our skin doesen't leave much of an effect, but major surgery helps people!

There is nothing wrong with anything. Everything is what it is perfectly. Its a balancing act of one, we see our reflection and are constantly adjusting our hair and face, brushing our teeth, washing our hands, posing, dancing and romancing ourselves, we honestly don't know why we're doing it except that there appears to be nothing else to do. Those are the rules. That is to say, if there was anything other than us here, we would be different because of it and that other would be a part of us. If it were apart of us we would not be there, if we were not there, then it would not be there. We are. We are "there".

We cannot stay on top, we never stay down, we've been off side, by going inside out, we've been all far alpha and upon arriving found.. oh me gah! omega. So where was I, oh there I am, here I go.

Figure out the best set of lingo for application and dig deep into dialect and mash it into intellect, output em-otions and create com-motions. and c-mo!

What for eg.. does this tell us about V?