October 30th, 2007

inverted infinitiy infinite inversion

Meditate on..

Light from a source reflects from a subject and reaches for our eyes. Our eyes spiral the light around until it's upside down. Our eyes give the light to our nerves which criss cross to opposite sides of our brains, in the process we respiral the light and somehow interpret the left-right side inversion. Then we trace the route of the light back to the subject it reflected from but only once. We appear not to exist as subjects in the space between ourselves, we as light are streaming in solid form through "space" between ourselves, where are we located exactly? Everywhere from where we are.. out to what catches us.
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PI Based Symbology

Representing form-world, motion-word, co-motion-world, etc. Complete with mathematical structure for direction based calculations in variable PI ties.

Courtesy of Mystical Keys

Look closely at the symbols and names, break em down and put em back together again and you'll see how this is a legend to reality, a symbolic representation of the function of "the one". The "shape" of things is also the "motion and effect" of things. All things are in time.

Here's a way to look at energy flow in a sort of point based manner. Flow unities. http://mysticalkeys.com/nutol/tree-of-life_numbers.htm

Lets REFLECT shall we?

0= Sun <-> n us(in us)
1= Mercury <-> yr u c rem(you're you, see rem.ember)
2= Venus <-> sun eV (son of eVe)
3= Terra/Luna <-> a nuL ra reT(a null ray reTurn) turn <-> n-rut
4= Mars <-> s raM(s raM - magic ra! s)
5= Jupiter <-> reti p u J(retie p you J)J up it re(amp er s and)
6= Saturn <-> n rut aS(S en route)Sat ur n
7= Uranus <-> sun ar U(sun air/are you)Ur an us(you're an us)
8= Pluto <-> o tu lp(oh to help)Pl u to(peel you too)
9= Neptune <-> e nu tpe N(e, new type N)

Geee Oh! Me Try System..