October 31st, 2007

reflect sunglasses fashion

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We very simply be metaphoically tied to every structure of art(midieval spelt "are") we are and do and believe in and create perfect reflections of our cosmic spectral selves, we ARE cosmos, we'RE n.at.u.re, we n.at.ur.ally follow ALL ru.les whi.ch ap.ply fr.act.i.on.allyy(fractally) up ond down the di.am.et.r.ic pol.ar sol.ar sy.stem.. sol(sing.ul.ar IM.PL.IES DU.A.LIT.Y) wh.ic.h i.si.n t.rut.h tri.nit.y due to a.bs.ol.u.te spacial o.c.cup.an.t met.a equilibrium symphony lol i made t.hat so.und ver.y st.range lets range r.o.ver it o.ver to and reign in the rv's

Mom you're very smart, I'm surprised constantly by the advancements in the or ie's(theories) this is where "le bib"(french trans. "the bible") shows me that religions are all metaphors, perfect natural insertion of another reflection on us, on our systems, our thoghts, our bodies and souls, everything counts now. Everything fits now. Nothing is a lie, satan made lies up. Lies never were. G odd. Sat an All ahh.. Budd haa!

So we had this connection at one point while working, we "flagged-don't logon here", we would not say no to ourselves when it occurred and we lined up, went through emotional espirentiaz zoomie zooza zammmm zowwww hehe zzzsss rrrrrcccccooooooowwwlllllaah yeh

I begin to see... be-lessing x, bless x.

By blessing the things we cherish.. we are counter to natural logic, people recognize it!

We as "souls" in one third of ourselves, are electrons, elector-ons, we choose frequently attraction to frequency and repulsion, these are both emotional AND scientific terms.

We're a moon in e.MO.ti.ON.al

e = going around behind
al = coming from behind as one al
. = = single unit metageometry chiasm
MMMMOoooooooooOOOmmmmmm.. trans track 1
ooooooONnNnnnnNnNOooooo.. trance track 2

so it is the body and we as moons are both electors and effectors influentially of bodies. Bodies are all things, we included.

We emerge in every form and function fraction freedom finality flamboyance and forge flickering lights for festivals and franchise fast feelings further frequently farming faunae fawning foolishly fervently far and fro forever. Fortunately finding flecks flakes flukes of funky fastidious fuzz flowed fluently fluidic fro and aft fattened findally felt friendly fun from for. rof rof!

mmm pair a graphs
focus earthy spirit eyes on lives family


lobes cocked earnest ear ring t rue
lets let go a lilly little lit lamp lightly so

always alone aloowed an arrangement amongst absolute alliterary associations authoring anybody around anonymity aware as astronical astrological attitudes altered afar and affairs aft akwardly adjusted at adjoining areas allo, allo, allow a artist ample aptitude aha! aummm and me so me