November 1st, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Lets learn Mh( and Co.Out.put.e

Reflections on Absolute no snoitcelfeR

ABSOLUTE absolute etulosba ETULOSBA
A B SO LUTE a b so lute etul os b a ETUL os b a
A B SOL U T a b sol u t t u los b a T U LOS B A
A BS OL UTE a bs ol ute etu lo sb a ETU LO SB A
AB SO LU TE ab so lu te et ul os ba ET UL OS BA
A be solute salut saloot sewloot solewt sewlewt

Soluable one. Reflective retrograde rateional realization additionally absolutely adjoinable, all come from absolute and are absolute. Absolutely every absolute article anywhere arrived and arranged application announcements artfully.

Lol art thou or art tho u k new lit le

or a cles b.i.b les script ure's l i've ev'il lov e e vol
he ar me fe el em pat hi c c ul tu res s pin in g aro und
c raz y x is si x sigh x g if t fel t xtc ez es i ly osso
a ct i on act i on ace tion s peaks lo uder t ha n wo rds

Absolutely everything is absolutely everything, every 1 is every 1 and every -1 is a reflection of a +1 they are absolutely both there. Negation and polarity use a system of illusion to substitute for allusion lol allision elision derision decision choice option alternative, symbols to re present geo me tri c a ly ex c u is it re fract i ons.

K now n ow c hi (e)ld re n n ew lan g u age is t he old la n g u a ge
so be in g h eld lo vin g in ly weeeee rej o i ce gen u in pr oof pi pe
py pie pi peye eyep ip eip yp io an ho ho we ver veer yrev e every lo v

aut ism is ms it ua m sit u a