November 14th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Hows about this?

If.. the light from the steet lamp has a decay type attribute which is the why of it only illuminating a circle of area on the road beneath it, and a penumbra of fade, brighter near the center and dimmer and dimmer as it moves away from the light, WHY pray tell, can I see the BRIGHT intensity of the lamplightbulb itself from a kilometer away, but I am not illuminated just the same aas the ground beneath the lamp?

Why do my eyes see the light so far away which obviously does not reach me.

If angle of reflection is such a strong concept, why is the penumbra of light on the FAR side of the lamp, JUST AS BRIGHT as that on the near side?

Why is the lit road beneath the lamp ABLE to reach eyes so far away yet the area lit by the lamp is so small??

IF the light travels, and light reflects off things, IF the light moves in particle waves in ll directions, why is only a small area lit by a bright source? Why not an infinite area, evenly llit everywhere within line of sight of the source.

If light travels indefinately far and wide, how do we know that all the stars are not just random objects reflecting back the light from Gods only begotten SUN.

Why is space dark if it is FULL of light?
If fire needs oxygen or atmosphere to burn, how does the sun burn in space where there is no air?

If... if...