November 15th, 2007

reflect sunglasses fashion


No matter the number of times we look into a mirror, we are always served up an accurate representation, RE-pre-sent-at-i-on of ourselves. WE continue to look though, because we like to dress up and see how we look compressed. Flat. Our image reflected is two dimensional, its a planar psuedo-depth, what we see is what we are. We are flat... we are variably full of flatness, and latiness and it is no wonder we fear the L-ord. L as an ordinance is the measure, with its baselines established at zero, of. Cough cough, co-ugh.. ugh, ow, ooooh! arghé.

Elementary my dear watt`s on.
Sure lock hole mes. Up up and a way, Mork and Mindy.

Mmmm or K.. and Mind the why.

Sha... man is m. more?

We are such a baffling bunch of halflings,
formed from fire and ice, and spiral weans,
seek at cat a log o rhythm es tab li shed,
ill use of it me tied noose times head,
pro verbs no uns err ors to be ifs,
egg reg io us ly

Its a fun thing to realize that the bible contains the truth..
Its interesting to learn that ever bible in ever language houses the truth...

Check Proverbs 31(10-31)

AND CROSS REFERENCE BIBLES! Different bibles say this differently, each is aa perfect parabolic metaphor though older bibles and most likely the Jewish LITERAL translations will have the most easy to identify obviousness..

But then.. if you didn`t know that you were reading a parable of proverbial elementary induction and reflection, you would think that this was a sill.y litte story about a wife. The symbols, the verse numbers, even the italics or square breaking brackets are there to tilt the scales towards apprehending..

I would take the time to show you another version of the transliteration that would clarify the snow in your mirror, everyone in house wearing scarlet double garments.. and lo and behold, alas I am not ready yet to sift the sands of silt through chambers of fire and i see.

Soon... Soon, my magic will be stronger.