November 18th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Recent Poetics..

...Of Course

...we love love, love is full of love
...we hate hate, hate is full of hate
...we fear fear, fear is full of fear
we enjoy joy, joy is full of joy

... of course, so you are see

Light and Sound

see and hear
bright and loud
clear and crisp<
dark and soft
sharp and gain
blind aand deaf
trance and mute

..112 eyes two too to
..112 ears two too to
..112 nostrils to two too
..112 nose and mouth become one

..112 yew ye double you
..112 arw ar double you




bonne santé

so... irie mon!


I are ie. ei? eg? ex?
etc? &c?
do do
do go
good dog doog

Light dictating to sound.

I see you because
you cause me to see

I hear you because
you cause me to hear

I see you look good to me
I hear you sound good to me

To get you,

to see me,
and hear me,

I look and sound

good at you
good to you
good for you

and wherre destiny
comes in...
all is good
all this good...

comes FROM you
through me.

Everytime I feel now is right
I`m transitioning from trance to trans

Trance is taking in
Trans is going through

We waant to be more
than we are
at present
when we are.

There is a shadow between
you and me
we or is it
it is me cusioning

a fickle puff and flick
it goes out
we we brighten up together

Gre(y) gory Gré gri

I designed me to be


a bump seeker

chaotically organized


a loner...

residual effective

As purgers

Purge all the nonsense
clarify all clouds
lucidate illogic
liquidate unreawson

enormously consumptive


If this is a dream and I am woken
how lucid be I my may broken
If every me is grey and token
what is gained if ever spoken

Sophistic pi seech artr thou
mad hatter rabbit alice
All I see sons sustain pain
yet if we square root malice

forethought, hindsight reckon ye
reason divise it tied key
can dull demi golden mean
with a tislane twisty vie

In the dream I awaken
mistaken I believe
the place I have taken
to be my reprieve

where M I M I now
I M that, I am
the jog
Iève caught me dancin



rung by range
snakes and ladders strange
and DNA done twisted
anapolis into games

pick up sticks
hands up this is a stick up
handsome cruel
tie me up

operation rope a tide on
lash me to the deck
fifty two pick up
what the heck?

ring around the row see
teeter totter
up and down
ashes ashes we all

copy right, roger will co
ordinate pirateship
dominioes minnows
my nose!

Any Id will do
trick or teaar eat
why stall a whistle
blow me down

double you.


The more I sense I
the fewer entice

hearts - hear tease
clubs - clue bes
diamonds - dual worlds
spades - spare these


I spit the image
I wished to be
framed reflected
back into me

tames my fires
venerated my seas
windel anima
dereamead body

dreams forgotten fed
fodder to foolish ferns
befriended otter
ended mouse

to return mouse years

would that wood that
but good that
black cat

What chaos my mind be
it comes to me to
be dissassembled
i want to make more sense
in order to be senseless.