December 2nd, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

We are all Sun.


Fae-tease stew-de-ying glow-ball lane-guage lie-key... a n. al-ie-n eve.ol-u.tie.on ov-it tie threw.owt three cause-moes. Relid-ge-i.ons,,,, litt.le bi lie-tell hand threw le.aps hand bow-unds whiff grey-at bi.G Gees-us uns sun.
Straight squeeze, skin and juice

skin-s'kin (est/et/ kin)--o.k.sin.(sign/simbal)
ju-i.ce (you/jew/jeu/je) eye(I) see (ici)i.ce is me.sage me.di.u.mis



Gee-row Grow in on up and inside out en ce

Let le t, le the, le tea tell leet tel, t!yell!
Do.od le! new.d le! do.op le! dupe le kit, dub.le
El, elle elle eh le dance le me roar!

Row are! RayWar! Ray Row Ayr.row Ayrr.wo whoah ow reray

four of our fu ru ro rof rouf cat quatre
be ark sly den

all radical input.output is en.d try.ryt.tyr

az an as be been en n.e eb sa.. na za.

NZ un qb dp ..c ..i ..b ..u and dan dna u.. bi..