December 3rd, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

We've been given a chance..

to participate in the grand scheme of evolution. Everything that exists is education electoral to learning the melody, the dance routine, the flow of go and so we glow with a desire to know whoah its clarifying, mentally and eliciting a fro, an afro, twisted with a spiral, the curve is clean and the numbers co-rect, we're just prepping you for a turn at the drivers seat, though theres always been a steering wheel in front of you, the clock has been clutched to keep us from cascading into a black whole.

The closer you get, the more impressed your teacher become by your progress and a recess is in order, the judges and jury debate the rate of return and the spiral gets altered and due to core ect calculations we grow the flow of the arc en see all and rain bows to rainbows while springs spout watts full of watter to heat things up and we get hotter, but not too hot cause thats uncool.

You gotta be open and clothed, your vestments are sponges and theres nothing you ca do to change the fabric of absorbtion, its all about refraction of the internal flow of that which isorbed. as orbs tie on in meta face i on and we box in the box for a chance at the clocks. see locks, they go, we seek lo, lo seek. roots are down there, they drive the tree and knowing how to read the roots is knowing how to feed the branches and fill seeds with variation that will create whole new flowers and seedlings to float through the air fille sky of fly to a new ground where foundations get built on rock solid sands of time which swirl and swish and wish for kisses and we dance.