December 8th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Fae See Face. mmmAP. Ledge-end Come-pass.
aye be see dee ee ef gee age eye jay kay elle em en oh pee cue are ess tee you vee dubelyou eks wi zee,

ahh bay say day eu ef gay ash ee jee kaw elle em en oh pay coo air ess tai ou vais Fae ix e.grec zed.

aye ahh be bay see say dee day ee eu ef ef gee gay age ash eye ee jay jee kay kaw elle elle em em en en oh oh pee pay cue coo are air ess ess tee tai you ou vie fae dub el u do bel vai eks ix why eg.rek zee zed..

ahh aye bay be say see day dee eu ee ef ef gee gay ash age ee eye jee jay kaw kay elle elle emem enen ohoh pay pee coo cue air are ess ess tay tee ou you fae vie du belle vais du bell ou ix eg wreck why zed zee..

en.gliss| toned

O.CE.ANS - ME.R OR CE ME SAN so SON so SUN. SIn Soon sane scene sown.
AT.LAN.TI.C - PAC.IF.I.C - SO.U.THER.N - I.ND.I.AN - ARC-TI-C ct c, ct t, c tc tc c. ct tc


NoRth is EASt
Get stood under. und erst and.

mi turn
mi te
mi me
mi nis try
mi ser
mi l lion
mi sweat
mi dl
my ul
my nd
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Fe doing ray seat ract at attract.

accordian the signal, fractal wrap at tract

At tract me fe if i of fu seak c.k ck fu ck fuck. Due u ck fu uf fluf food fubar luf. fee le me. but see x. but be tub. tub b u t, be you tee beauty beau tie

fa i af
fe 3 ef
fi 5 if
fo 4 of
fu 2 uf

sur ken.ed.den.eden seed. fat.her tails me to re add the bib le. Bay bes bib? Bi bay bes bib? boo bu tie ful luf lov. OuiWe

so.unds r.such.suh.rush.suhs shus bar.b goa tea TayTeetAItEA

shur ur shu in sho shi shesha
de luge deal u cee dee lug.
yeah ah ye a hey yeah hay
wonder red now re down der own wer nod don rew
mirror mere or mee mi mime roar
cig sig nature a ret urn car ie ing zol.sol.xol.OA.AO

zigzag gai gzz
eb.onee e boney bon ey ye nob ob yen.boyen

muse ik in verse kin im at ticks fand me

if onlie yew cold on.there.stand fae.sing me
and ad dna as an anditive in as if and a dif
lodge i see logic oh guy i go ceal else
el see.
G.od..G do G.
It's sti, sits ti, its sit
woman ink loose
female male in ef she hes seh

roll in roll in
call ot call ot a gro.wn manc.ry

organ.i cee or gain ik or ga nic

the we.deed.u.ce mow.wom
wo om womb wom rep.ent.ed zented zened. zend zen.
eaz za ze az ez a zez e zaz ..l.earning hi.nt home in

reflect sunglasses fashion

re-sun in us suinsiun is un sun

B.ring t.he ta.ils the.mat.he.mat.i.ces fo flo.wer lof fol olf flo TeeTheTayTeaTai Mount.T
Diag.rams sc.hems do.u.b.le0.7 for ten. I'm enlav wichew

eage cur vie and ange el he ave in en an a no tee know T note e e ee tone
TN.oF 100F Fo(ur.ent pi ip.

How2. Nowtoo KnowonK get batt ed homie runn

Zing to singe shiny hinge ans aan ayun aha

cee.lick click ra.m hor.ns min.a.tour bye.sun even,in.g e.ven. eve

ad m dam mad, dame made day made d am m ad. co.deli.fe
slof.ici.glo chair.okey be ounce oun own u in o u inwen ten

inf.ect.shun eye write
dun ow go way dunge nudge jew plea ayes
i k now i m no t, t takes 2.
in fine i tee

buff ffu\ hun not shun hun sun s1

male.seethrough. seet rue.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


The Maya art Tz ole kin Ha ab sol lute T loz.
T's Law. Tal.on

ayaM May A. AreA om egg A.

Twin Tie one too. wee lv.

watt a bow at us
u late lite we ebn thair

MY ANS is SAN sun. Sannym sun him. S nayam nayem of s un.on.e
is wear i luked achew fin.grrd.

Grrr I fin.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


When I say I do, its all ways pass tens see.

tens are tense tence.

tens eye on.
tens mo uth tr-eeh

where I am to you IS PAST.
I was there before you.
Now I'm in you.
How'd I cross the'r
i'm a rei ra.b b arie r.
Air ria
az if a2z we rent eaz eenuf funee
Axe ept. sept, dept, nept, wept.
Ack sept, seven sieve in eve siin
psynergy sin psynthesis sin
urge nis sign these is ins


egg laid, cord frayed, recoiled
tied up lying down if l is ying
is yang la is. S> sigh psy. hi-s why de.sire?
des ire. days higher, night below.
nib glow beth. le ham. mahel.
post off ice purepull und res s
sow it poe it rie laff turn rut

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Buff Air.

If you want to aid out in be com in get fullon

full on means learning what occurs

what does occur
and how what occurs is real
re all re sons. sons are female
fe AND male la lela m.
these sim balls

every moment spent
yearning tobe learning
flowing growth
rep enting
is row ship
rows hip
ro wsh ip
make a wish key am
i wish i am
i wish i am
i wish i am that hat
i wish, i am that
i am wish
whoosh whish i am

so key in the fact that truth is fact
and factor in the rut act or turn

so this big web see we name it one way or the other
and its there so big and plain and obvious cosmic size it
re patterend in dna and strands. strands ran life in aone1. all.
whats a name but tone noise sound splashes of fractality
ando uwey so we fig your ot ours elves meaning we
take from in and put to out
but since out is in out i sin
thus i AM out see u in to. o, u.t to.tu.too.two

to out one in. Three be me.
rie ding,
surf inge us fringe.
nom atter.
and lo be hold no thin else.

do I add vise?
schoo ease?
at ten dence
roll call.
a cor roc. or o cee co ro.

even as wind blows
the wafting of ides
memes mimes moms

can i yell poo helphoo full hell.
screw gee passed present foo-tour....oof.
im a shame man, a wise ass. A dick.tee
bull it and min a tour

Fas hi on W.eek.
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

(no subject)

you say fall oh i say fall ow.
you say fell ow i say fell oh.
you say feel I say fee el.
you say mail I say ma el. eli.
you say putt at o's
you say tome at o's
you say care outs and cab ages.
bring the brus el sprouts brew is.

you say live, I say life.
You say wive, I say wife.
you say soulmate I say sol m8
check, see heck.k ce.
aluma mule aea sprite spirit
man ger, man gear. gee ear.
youth inc you star ted wor.kay\
yak a way work krow long ago
AND due an add den nada n
anada another add a C.
Can add aye eh? hayyy!

so re app.
see us wi fi en reel
for we BE lan GUAGE
why thin Q we ben named namers
nam as tah,

in ifpulse pull see. CPul

is the male or female end
both end. Both beg in.
if in is out and out is in
you'vie go to buy oh bio.
bios fear? why fear os?
os are fe. fe ar.
not go do
not be add
butt be add goo do
and the butts ass
is ass hle whole or cheek
who le or ch..eek

cir cul ar
clue cle
ul cee

I am no.
I am not.
I am un and de.
I am ab sow ri.
and you re app me.

Mes tricks ni ou mor phi us pin pi spin hi phi pi