December 9th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

AhL EhF & Ohm EGG ah.

a1T^! readwrit furtool fewtile wayy yup intha scales go oio

clean is not dirty
dirty in not clean
Yn hardSoft porn
Lv a nail on course

lF Fi
tickle trunk

mul ty ply
di v ide
sub t.r act
add sum
sun shine
bright lite
brite light
evolving star
orb it inga lone star
aummmm in jahhh l.\one sun, a nu sun, sone one, sun un, une sun sun.no1 sol God is gone and given gifts and gratiuties gradually grounding eddies by retying phi to pi with pfy n fyp ai row row row ai a boa tie in flo a tease mes an see xen xen is tn 10 us.nex shud a ring beak caws it it it'
and ti to ti comin up.. i mean it now gimme me me back emmig oh my image, i mage, saje mage zen ninja fringe rover ovar flowing wit laving yang to eq allaying
allay yalla yeim joz shark bane bait be too jew see and tendor e fly lyfeea zif

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drive by shooting. rampage massacre of stuffed animals me paws too layt oooo
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we be the driveby car past tence suspence heaven sent centered on censoring substance from its stance at the fronnt of the bus we call sub in the bay
oh tide high, kite fyl fly lavin fy.

Wash me!

Hear meme owlwhose hose are see thru parentpentel holocostic devilified grindby nightflights leaving at eight and arriving before 5, live lively now sun
baby bread is in the oven and loving is givin on ie in. amenonite and moses
books cheezed by holes in our memories strigil fullonin.ninjRAgilDojokerickshaw

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ei. footstew el pieds pappa paw pa pere pi9 9th gate heave in purse pectrum

funny mhim in hnin flows foobar tidesplash on the sound blasts of the cresndo endo so und waves comin back and forth synth core k arri i kar and keel off

out into space
retrace steps thru heavens to find that little place we like to home call on in to whole hole in whole skin on by buy everyone instruments and give em away on the streets for free for the rest of my life if they would stick around andstay with me to play and stay zen under the sun on a sunny day in december decadent