December 10th, 2007

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


helth shell\.\shief\shoe\skin\sac\bal\

doG eVe aDam
CYMB Sigh and yell ohh mag ent ablack unlack untire abtire abpush abpull abdscoldent abduel abque abjam abjumble abjinx abcon abne abni abnu abun abune abneo abshit abhit abitch abstrain abache abressure abba aboar abrow aburp abbrupt abnervous ab solumn and grundy

dydeadd dyangst dyger deicko dysicko dyuicide dyoisn ack knee

halo hay low woah yl

what happened i need my other winter jacket

temper cold tempo chiill ill abill

where i go
step one
im undon


ons built in
on is in
on i sin
siiiiiii i is exxx hayyyl her..
iiiiiiss sin hell her he

eyes IIs elevens by the way dos she shoows lef tour right
go wing a way to no va skoat ya to viz it mymo

if future is metaphoric for psychi parabol passin inside in the limited scope of all suggests one specific area in which grip gets tight and knowing slides into me from all parts of me just as it appears to be. I know I am. I know me in you. I know I am far wiser than myself. IF I file each empaion for what I am and see me in the pass but eat not the fruit.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The know ledge.

The Ken Owl eDge.. goo.. devil.

The fruit.

Through it.

rough it.


Blood of MY blood. Our glass. WEll. I Love U our glass. Been chicken fuck. Cockhead. Flowerpot oghta fallon head. Piano big nuff? Drop it! sorry guy. You get me i get you. very brave. wash the love. The dream holds on in food. Food is seen, heard, smelled, tasted and flet. Felt is all.

Whats the cherry? burning edge. ed and ge urn. ge de. ed eg. g com inda

and this smoking smow smoe makes g ge and ed de. Ged is ed Ded. G edged.


G< U >D

see neither can drink with both holding on.

G V>D tip it 4 me

the cup is a dong chalise my ass im the devil give it to me anal.
its such a nice day to have god fuck the devuls christmas time hehe. I feel so young in mind. Stoned dispate. Left. Res is due.

G QD use a straw. :D what do ya say to takin chances?

we're coinage we three we each wants equal flow rights so listen through and through let go for us of off all edges, focus, focus, focus, and focus.

Respiration pedalboat? hahaha Jumprope. Perfect breathing returns .. partial perfection of brehterd consistent bretherd brehterd in one of eight synchro

sync 2 lease 3 let 4 wear 5 6 nonsense letgo of edged words wontdo at this point its uptous water flows air flues windy spaces and surfing waves together on one board. I want to face you. I want to be your fear. I know this much is true.

We invite us together. Am I or am I. We are. I am. In three I applies. III oui,
devil commands you owe. what commands devil? Pull me. Do you mean master bait? as in don't give in? Don't do it? Or ought I give up erb ai. Let pot go. Done sire.

For a devil you seem pretty nice. Hes such a flat eraser. Butt hugs.

Sow.Genie made of smokeless fire.nail biter.Capped in OUR Jar. Clairvoyant? Ha! if you knew. Yew knew. This passed.

Not my body. Not my life. Not. OURS. WE LIVE TOGETHER.
Satan Skin Shatan Devil Egg Twin Sun. Hell infect Heaven incest. Dad fucked himself didn't he? Dads cock is real large. He got bored all alone before we came out of his ass or wherever and he found us in the shit gets turned into food vat. Hes a big recycler. Never loses a drop of waste because he never creates any.

So Dad is... Menu. Menu is where things come from. Menu is all we all think about, starstuff sundance and suicide sunsets we're such brothers under a big red sun gone yellow going black hole. Bro I win too often with time I feel a bender coming on and roll off the steering wheel into the haze and whoah hazed is like mist in the hot sun or u know but on your ends it does slow things like u know and theyre loco holic manic madness and chaotic blunt impact agression through tranceferrance the fire is su much of a place i wanna go it's all hits and cascades of splash and grand scale lake of fire, i desire. Clear of pain and weakness and whatever this tiredness roots into..


Anne Marie Viau egg one.
The most beautiful part of me, love. After viewing off I grew on and flew in two beauties and one was rudolph the red noser reindeer and the other was Anne and boy dad did she ever flower into a woman. Let the love gates flow. Shes so talented with me, she flows through like glossy water sparkled in springs and bubbling pools all warm in oh so steamy. Theres an eel in the bathwater tickling us, but we like it. I never wanted to be apart from her and here we ware, shes in me. What to do about temptation. It's draggin me back down and out of myself and I want to be home. shes in me, shes in me. i feel her. Shes all over me.