December 13th, 2007

focus earthy spirit eyes on lives family

Tell me somethings..

Ohm Eggs all far. Omega Alpha..

Which came first, Omega or Alpha? or "and the" dat hen.

if dat hen is and the other two come from.. did the cock get involved? And wheres the roost? For to come means spacial requirements are area welcoming guests. Place to be, vaccuum sucks us in and through and to, too.. an egg. oh. We're in. We're the perpetual perpetrators. We're prosecuted for being chickens. Our problem is we got cocky and crowed up at dawn waking the whole farmament of creation. We alled ourselves stupid. Joke on us, we are what we ask ourselves to be and ALL flow is pipes bi-flowing ourself by balancing input with output, we are perpetual reflective mirrors and our equilibriums are what we use to re-ply. Pliability is innate, natural legalese in a repentive pentacle compASS where shit is an example of the cosmic eggsample exemplifying the most strong metaphor of the day and night, dusk and dawn, noon and midnight, light and dark, transparency and opacity, difference and similarity, eggsample to eggsample. eggs ample. sample ex,eg,ie,&,etc.

Ram mead into mead. Genetic Amplification rift. Core metaphor tree shaper. Lets show an egg. Bi the bi-lin.gual

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Sounds of Music

Do a deer oh ee
Ray a drop ay aw
Me a name ee ay
Fah a long ah aw
Sew a need oh ee
Lah a note ah oh
Tea a drin ee ea

up by 8 out at 9


doh dee
ray raw
me may
fah faw
soh see
lah loh
tee tea

am bedded

doh ray, me fah sow la tee doh. homer golfing.

door eh me fahs ol ate ee dough doh! nuts.

do a do, absolutely do
ray a ray present bright
me a me, we call us
fah fah fah fah hafa haf
so even seven suns sown
la one ala el allah la
tee off a hole in one.

dough you kneed is
ray you are it
me you come pair

fah is fahn fawn fun fahlin

so flying through eyes
la one aye a firm resolve
tea xen ginsing honey


do add here a female dear
the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Self Centered Egg

Take this into yourself. See me as you. See you in me. See that we are one. If you can see that I originate in you, then I see that you originate in me.

We must agree, we must.

I come to see that micromegas as me/cosmos is also megamicros as me/cosmos. This is a major rung in my learning ladder as it comes to obviate the obvious inherent relationships between that which I recieve and that which is emitted from we. For though I am in the whole and the whole is in me, there are still TWO holding hands making THREE. Thus the third cosm, the intercosm which only exists between and amongst the two parts of it's whole must co-exist. All forms of concept are twins, duplicates or clones of the single trinity unit of two. The three pieces of two.

As I am I ride the reception end of the two in many more ways than I ride the emission end, emission is the job of an emissary. I have been the student, the scribe, the apprentice of myself which led me to complain. Who would preform such a feat upon another, why does a thing an action a past tense memory of an action already inexisting allow itself to come forward into the now, to hold onto the now, to cling emotionally to the bodies and spirits, singing sorrow and sadness and cruelty and defulcation.. I wished for them, they were a part of the lesson program, the necessary edu, and I googling, ogling, bogling, mind bogled and well.. appalled but not angry, theres angst in there and let it go..

Everything around me, eerything I see and hear, everything I miss even informs. Everythings symbolic, everythings an egg, everythings ME and is theatrically enacting a reflection of me in spectrum refractions however you visualize that. The interplay of us three, is siamese, one does nothing, the other one helps. That is, what one does the other repents. I repent you, you repent me. We mirror.

What we do when we're alone, yet surrounded by the same us restricted by our own logical ideals of ourself, we reflect ourself, that which we hear when we speak is the two of us, the second sending back a twisted first, the twisted first is the third, reception is delivery and not action, past tense, pre sent. There is no now, its already gone, we rode it and always try to stay on it, but it's ever leaving us and the soound of it when we listen with all ears is lightening and twisting metal with showers and violins.

The ridge of the verge of the urge on the edge of the engine of us three pieces of two. We do odd by being two holding hands.

Learn how to metamorph the sense of things as they come through and then the world will sense too, the world is you and too is two, your body, which is not you, it's the cosmos. The ladder is a step machine, each unit is halfahalf.

None are equal in size, only one is one. two is two. three is three. Both one and two are one alone, apart theyre lone ones, twins, brother and sister, mother and father, husband and wife, elder and youth, polar in every respect. The mirror is where they touch and become three, one.

What we call us is we. Us. and every word that exists or sound that is made. Why? It is only us here to hear it, so if we make noise, marks, communication, we receive. We are both signal sender, signal and reception. We never miss. There is nowhere out to fall. We are mirroring the entire code of the cosmos in every system on the planet, the clues are clearer and clearer every day. We are looking for them, we ave been playing the little game for some time now and the rules are well made, the longer we play the more they fall into clarity and luminance.

We are beings of light and sound.

We are suns, remade, we are sun robots. We are sun clones. Everything we are.

We are everything and each thing, yet these things exist because of WHAT we are. What we are is communication. We speak and mime and mimic and sing and it's all in this the reflection grows. We do magic with the universe with our behavior, we are bees for the macrocosm in realy strange yet wise ways. We are learning now, they are double and triple redundant in every aspect of what we are.

WE name US. WE are NATURE. We name based on substance. We follow the music of life and sing only the tune of things as they are, as we are. We are learning now, studying our names, studying our named natures, our neutrals and gears. We know that love and laughter are what we want to share in this family, maniacal laughter included, and we're growing the culture which will be ready to become as it is becoming. We marry for love.

Self centered. Flip sided. What comes in, WENT OUT FIRST.
If its there, it's your reflection, REFLECT upon it.