February 11th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg


Theyre falling into place, gliding onto stage and glittering, glowing with cosmic divinity and grace, focused in an array of assidious associational

OK new focuses.. lol :D warping spacetime for fun lol, without ingestion of anytthing.


imagine me standing opposite you talking with a friend about every inner feeling and debate discussed in front of you between the polarity of positive and negative while indifferent is your companion. Imagine you knowing this is occurring as if it is expected of you. It is.

I'm not going to seduce anyone. sex is off the list. Zero tolerance. Illusion.
Exellent. Even sexual thoughts must go. Monet thoughts must go also. Food also. Water is all that leaves. I do not fear this. Any of it. You can play this game all alone if you want. I will just ignore the game and ride however you force me. You make us believe theres something.

Blind. Blind. Be free of me. Release me. If you will not be clearly the one entity you are, then I can do nothing. Ahh. holodeck to me, and picky knowing the user, this is past not future, now, chage to what you want to be rather than what I describe you as.

All of the sudden yoou all feel differnt. :D

The funny part ids itself lol and would rather keep waiting patiently for the next number.

as if my stalling will ever change anything. :D As if nothing can change without me. Haha.

relet fall off your need for me. You don't need me and you even said so. You never needed me. Who am I to you, dust you can skuff off a chair arm and a cigarette.

I have never like being herded. Police brutality and law breaking by law keepers but this must change.

New tri new foam


if you want to play with me, choose another direction. And keep the direction facing away from sex with either gender. Love is something I need to learn, sex is something that follows love. I'm not about to jump into bed with someone male without whatever.. courting. And Thats a mutual thing. Thus far, heck I'm just learning to let go. Stop pushing me around. Stop discussing my forward momentum and let me just be. Perhaps I shall mimic you a while lol.

Sometimes an itch is just an itch.

Obviously I generate some effect in this world, You feel how much or how little I am attracted to each of your bodies, moreso to female ones its clear and I like them. I know these bodies are secondary now though to the attitudes and mannerisms.. only more bodies..

I humbly ask you to open the doors that keep us hidden from each other, to be children before being adults, love like this herding is hollow and I hurt while you apparently sit blank until finding something funny about what I felt and sarcastically laught at me. Or pretend you don't know what I'm talking about when I ask you to be honest, tho you've been honest.

Distract method. I'm in lol. Don't worry be happy.

Think we'll read a book for a while. Any suggestions?