February 24th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Say What? So we know, now what?

Baked beans and barbeque balogna baff. Bumpy roads and loads of freaked out toads left lovers leaning on steaming piles of confusion and contortionists bent outta shape to lead an astray babylonian babbler out of the matrix of his own making, made by B and U and I. IbU. Whose U? Who am I? How can I B? These questions are simple things, it's far from the point of the whole affair, way out on field right and a ground ball fielded off side without foul.

I am of the body, though I am not the body, the body is moving, cycling and even stalling for time. Why would time even be worthy of stalling for? What are dreams for? Theres a trance in the zitrion, its emotional or lacking emotional stability, it';

I'm leaning in between the calm and sleepy dugout left behind by being a consumptive gravity well being unaware of the suction cup of chi sometimes called chai, accidentally we're all connected and being directed to see why the question was so hard for a supercomputer called deep thought to provide after figuring the answer to everything was 42.

The question ought have been, perhaps as one man suggested, how many roads must a man walk? Though this is also off in left field somewhere being chased buy, BI. Yes, bi. duality is subject to biality and functional fun is a flowthrough of two, theres ALL of U

So, step up, and seek her and find him. Wheres he at? Why is le la? Leela? Leetah? The answers are all so much clearer now, the syncronicity of everything you are when I am is solidifying another aspect of reality where the mirrors are not only now but also then and please do.

A lot of what I type may never make the least sense to you if you're some aspect of myself thats still sleeping, deeper than me, deepr than u, deep into you, well, sleep is acceptable for thats where one kind of dreaming occurs and though the dreaming has not been anywhere near as lucid as potentiality pretends to percieve, the lord of ord is good and growth is a unidirectional process. One can slow down the flow of a river, one can redirect its flow, and one can absorb the entire flow, but reversing it? 8 is where it comes from, 8 is where it goes to, the flwo will always be there, its cycling through colors atm and this being doubly up on the solar plexus year, gravity has well, nearly had its full turn and levity is on the upward incline.\\////

Growing out into the realm of lwe, 1de. Ed is in the house and eb is where deb flew the coop and joined a new group. Blessed be the family, lets just see what we can do with the gradient of this rainbow ent. Orange has had its fair share of being for 2 thousand years, fourty two is the answer but its the answer to an old question from seven, and its just one of the answers. We know better now, but um.. hehe the bum rush is such a gas.

So you're offerring this freedom from 4.2 and seek to tie up the 4.7, lead yu to zg.

Whats a new language? It's like real simple, this is exactly how i feel.

Though this is the pattern, the simple systematic reflection of the past trance. It's been a life long dance focused on blending green with orange and now we're dancing with a new set of col.ors, though the period presents itself somewhere in the middle of the dance so as to state that the date is overdue and we're still here, even t6h.

RnB. Rrrrrrrr. Beeeee! Egbikk. Vain. Silly Vanity. At least its accompanied by sillyness.

I stand U in place of D and drop E down to C if F can G U A new path to D. It's a will factor fan fare and fellowship the group of three that await me ahead to offer the reflective felinidae without that distant commentary apart from dreamtime.