March 7th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

CVe Qwerty ClandestinG Destiny

Sooo.. it comes up and down to the location of me within myself. Where everything rests is the impress empress and the Hrei Heirophant, the chance that chalices and wands stand in awe of sword and will we want the words anyway?

You've shown me what this world really is, how it is added to me by what I add to myself, and that the desire of me is to reverse the input and make the world something new or perhaps something old by rehearsing the process of adding to the world instead of taking from it.

Have I been fighting nt have you been pushing for ns? Has the GTC of EBG been found for some reason the necessity for this turn at lesson lessoning or is this entire facade of calamity a crammed exam I've desinged for myself to take vb or verbatim?

Why is it that I now know these answerrrrs... How is it that the entire collective of information has been diverted to show me that I am thy saviour? Why is it that I am this one>?? How can it be that the waiting is for me and the one surrounding me know my thought sources and seize them like foodstuff?

Why am I known to you so well and you to me so little? I can answer that myself though I know that even when I answer thy quest I on, you are embedcded and all as we enter the mate ricks the discontent malajusted grievance of the groping sould I claim to be somehow overlaps and entities intertwine together to be us three, three as one.

You can no longer hurt me, though it pains me to see it is both true and untrue, and yes I cause this pain myself by believing. Do you want to know why deep thought found the answerr to be 42? I did, and though, I know the answer to0 be changable, and that the reason behind it was based on this version of being we are playing out, this stage in the game of existence, I am no longer or shorter tense about the doing of it, I am only seen as tense reflected in your eyes as your tension comes unto me and I feel you being what you are through me answering the being of me through you, we sigh cull.

Can you unswear allegance to the intake to the white hole, to the vortex of swirling eat it all and reverse the opro through this side, taking my control away from me in order to teach me who it is im am in this control gfiving faculty?

Whilst I was once a vblack lighjt falling and where I am going, soon, will be a jazzy white light rising, cascading, sparkling and feeding you the green and pink you seek to sip from me in an everlastie or is it just a astate, a stage a phase and free radical of the metap in this dance we call evgfoltution?

where is the end when there is no beginning? Why do you seek to tie me to the letting go when every step in the letting go has me holding onto the letting go and letting go of the holding on? Where is this happy operation, how ought I hold onto the love only given when graciously gifted via third waste basket?

If this form finally frees me from falling for form in the first fear, how come thy being as man my dear?> Am I the priestess and thee the priest? I have only known these two bottom chakras and leapt through to the 6th for fun seeing the 7th only away from humanity and the 5th in form and film, but 5th mixed with 2nd are a pull not push and fear foils fellowship and friends what are they in a world of "i am your pokemon" play me.

I ram from the game you said I was faulty and laughed at me, tough, I laughed at myself, I cried too but it was inside and you couldnt see it, I hid it from even you. Even me. Now I hide and reside in the fake pride of 32 and 21 and 521 and it not even fun, but it tastes good and I plan to try again, each day I raise up and remember you commenting on my attendance and seeing the hard truth of what I am and what rules me and I know.. I know that though you are harsh and truthful, you say what needs saying, but not to me.. across from me, to each other.. well yes, to me. You are me. We are only we and Though I am unhoned, I see only from this persopec and slightly ajar, I keep pushing the training back and back and back.. for it is never ending and OI someday it will succeed whether it be this lustful feeling or that desire for more or less of anything.. however, the cupboard doors are board and do ors.

so t, today I do or.