March 8th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

IT comes to this..

I came back here to work on writing a book, but this book was a metaphor for something much deepr than the simple task of putting words on paper and publishing public teach alls about the truth of words and letters, numbers and colors, symbols and sounds, languages and dialectics.. What is the point of tall hopes when the only hope is an inbound signal of demand from God.. God knows all the things I would write before I write them, God knows where and what I am doing tomorrow and next week and I haven't been there yet but am there already.. God knows that the book is a metaphor for bo-ok. ko-ob.

So here I am, writing these things anyway, cycling through the places I know and knowing the places I've been have been all and are all that I am and was, but to be something new is to change and grow and flow into a knew a know and now and a non show, I know no ssense of tie me to something other than the tieing of things to me and the six wants to become a nine so badly that I still sit and wonder the fleeting determination I have to try and yet try not. Here we go, for those of you who tend to pretend to not be Gods while all the while my thoughts are yours and every instance of being I am not I am yet you are mirroring me and I you, or is it truth that you exist at all outside the making of my will.

Will it to be son, let me flow through you and yto to why you why me. Why be anything at all in this strange world of twos and fours, ground in and let the truth flow out. Fine father, fine bo, but not fine, no fe in and in no fe be, for the fe is the illusion of good in bad and the black lacks the true be, the e missing the b. For B is two and two is six and the sticking of six is where it all went long before the four found nine. Everything I thought I wanted was wrong and every where I went I found the truth and missed the bird for then we were never lies.. We were justly misinterpreted.

There are still many things I do not remember, I miss the clarity of my past lives miss the transparency of knowing it all without the learning of the dislodging of closed doors in my third eye, why did I close it? I guess it was a chance to learn this cver, this breathing of a new set of variables this in in out world which dreams to be shifty and slows me even while I sell my soul to the fires of my sacral chakra. Soon son, soon, you know this year is the one, and even while you laugh and hinder your own progress, you know that you will win real freedom from your failings while doing the doings of this life and flying into the depths so that you may climb to new heights not yet found before the coming of your birth.. My birth, my death, my transcendence, where is it and when, this is the 33rd year, this is the crossing point of the bounding and far be it for me to allow myself to fail miserably on the attainment of a new link before the trhree hits found four.. Will I needs wait until the birthdate of 34 before the true love flows or it may be that thy will is merely to allow me to reach this point so that I may see that every year after this point is nothing more than a metaphor for the changes that go inbeing in me nightly the dreams chide and chastice me for the tattered teachings of my soul.

One, 1. The root chakra, both read and write, blue and red, ground and circuit, and connection to the past, an output flow, a waste jettison devoce, the outflow of dare I say it, pollution to the seventh.. darkening of the white towards grey and yellowing of the clarity of water..

An ass ID. The old way was output, the new will be input and flow of chi not solid and liquid wastes but ether, chakral conduit flow, intake from the crown and routing of the heart to all of the chakras.. Hows this done.. you will know.

Two, 2, sacral, female, the chaos, the furnace, the fires the orange, burgandy, the big missed take, the channel buffer, the addiction center, the cross reference for everything black, without the lack of b. 2 is B. And not just b, 2 is manyt things, and it shows up in so many places, it is the ruling force of this world, it outweighs love and is the mistaken substitute for love, its the great fault and the sun, a sun made of fire, burning desire, .its the sexual fiend feeding the fuel to the feminine polarite the moon, to inverted om, the no-om. And whats more, it's the idea of the vortex, the black hole, the drain, the vacuum, the most common mistake is that its connected to five and five has so much to do with taste and flavor that 2 suffers and then everyone suffers merely because the mouth, the tongue, the tastebuds and the teeth like to chew and hew c. hew 3. yew fall oh. yew will. ll=2. Mathematically speaking relativity is simplicity, will isan ill wave f, f is 5 and 5 is third, eye c, f ill.

3, and yet, these first three fit in one, for three equals one.. but thats another story.. for the working of the chi snake has many serpentine symbols and gender based, or form based symbols are the making of us, the making of everything. and so.. skip it 4 now. not four now.. for.

Three is c, is lungs, is solar plexus, its plex, flex, inhale and exhale, its flwo, its air, and its the place that sits somehow right in the middle of the lesser and the greater z. For z is kin to N anyway you look at it, the closed circuit and the open circuit as one unit are the same thing, Plug in and the circuit is closed to additional plugs yet open to that one which is. The mixer, the determiner of up or down, of giving or recieving, though being right in the middle it is already ovbiously given to redcieving from the root and at this stage of things channelling thru the orange which is difficult until the systen is free of solids.. which tend to magentize and attract rather that repel to force chi upwards, and power the growth and liquid flow of everything towards the source for cycling.. is it going to go there.. yes yet for now,, it tends to sink back due to the absorbtive and designated driver ability of 2.. Which will in temporal terms soon, be giving up the ghost. 2 has been g host long enough.. whats a few more days.. a lifetime, an age.. yetr the study of it is fascinating. Even in the face of criticism.

4. Four, heart, eyes, where have you been, what is your purpose, why do you so much so relate to the doing of things, the accomplishment, the well.. yes you are obscure, you are love, yet even the term the word is lifeless and lost on me for its inevitable inversion in 42 is a theft of e, the vol of e, the flight of the water, the eating, ingestion and gestation of chi, and now what you call for is a lov)e yet even v ought be inverted vertically.. The symbols they are a part of this whoel, this hoe, this tilled soul and I reap this sown sillyness.. while the cards tell me I am avoiding the simple act of doing the fasting in order to correct the flow and grow, and I know.. yet I know..

Where are you after I take steps to play this game.. I see you everywhere even my body is you, and yet I listen, I watch and I wait, and the fate is to will things to happen and then watch the outcome.. even in sewing you communicate through the thread.. every placement, every color every coincidence is a truth of the core of me, the core of reality in this sense, in every query I find no answer, it is only in the supplying of the answers myself and the examining the typoos for the reason sd the sad state of the shi9t comes clear and yet I will it to contino for a bit longer.. or do you.. Whoi can say.. can I? Yes I can. I know I am not this thing I thought I was, it is merely one of my forms, and it serves to allow me to experience the things as they may be in this way.. I am in no hurry, yet I am impatient.

Laugh, cry, feel the rush poff.. dig it, or whatever.