March 10th, 2008

the-gi het-gi gi-het(heat) get-hi hit-eg

Away Ken

Ken is knowing, knowledge, the know, the k now. Whats K? Whats k? Well lets take a look at chakras and elements.. There are seconds and there are firsts.. the first way to see things for me from this perspective on living is that birth year view, I was born in 74.. Crowning Love.. Lets look at how the alphabet stings along through 7 and 4.

A1 B2 C3 D4 E5 F6 G7
H1 I2 J3 K4 L5 M6 N7
O1 P2 Q3 R4 S5 T6 U7
V1 W2 X3 Y4 Z5

Tier one (on-e)
Tier two (t-wo)
Tier three (container-re) t-h-re-e t-he-re con-dit-i-on-ed! de-re.
Tier four (f-our)

The t is +, the ad. Its overabundance of inverted thinking, its the mistaken 9 for 6. It's the 9 from YOUR poin-t. p-hone. he-on.

This leads us into the realm of wrappun. Why am I going along these spiral lines? To reaffirm the dissembly of affim. These c's seize. We've been eating, absorbing, prezent r.

R is the rrrrr we put in love for the dependent loves, r is the third or plexus lvoe, spelled this way to illustrate the formula if r is applied to love, love becomes lvoe. le vo. posit nega, non-ga. sacral-ga.

sacred. 513454. sac-red. The word speaks a pointere at 2 led to one, orange is the sac-ral chakra and red is the root, so thought the letters co-or dish love, the sound sense shows tense, the realm of opposites. goo-d and ba-d. goo(food)d-love and ba(bay or stomach)d-love.

We know every-t. Why, every t is at home in the sixth chakra, the center of knowing, the third eye, and why is it the 3rd eye? Because naturally, the true direction to move in the chakral snake is from solar plexus, UP. That is, solar pl, heart becomes first eye, throat becomes second eye and mind.. third eye.

Whats ego? e is thro-at. g is crown, or everything and o is root.. to be rooted in the crown and spewing it from the throat. Self shell, spoken. me me me. come and come and go, e.

World is within, but world is art form, morf art. fort ram. The world is an electron and {I the collective sacral is generating the continuity. Ass ID.