March 20th, 2008

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Selflessness - First Day of Spring

There is but one true way to learn, practice and proof divine selflessness - here the simple steps for your own practice to learn selflessness in all situations of your life:

always focus only on the wellbeing of all others
when family members want to eat - always let ALL others first select their most preferred food - then take whatever is left for you
always give the full plate to all others first and then take whatever they leave you - if nothing is left - refill the plate and offer it again to your family members until all are fully happy and full first
only focus on the wellbeing of your partner in all you ever do - never occupy your mind with your own needs or wishes
when you make gifts to others - always give in such abundance to allow them to always first share in abundance with their family and friends or poor ones as well
when you receive a gift always offer it to your family and friends to share and take for you whatever is left
when you have a family or are in a group and decide what to do - always let OTHERS chose their most preferred activity and support them in fully enjoying what they all love to do
when you have a delicious food - always offer it to others and ask them if they would love to have some - if they eat all - get more for them until all are happy and take whatever is left for you - if nothing is left - be happy with nothing and feed your heart with the happiness you have created in OTHERS - look at their happy smile and be happy !
when you have an amount of money after paying all the really basic needs - share with those who have nothing or far less and take for you whatever is left after sharing.
when you want to be more happy - focus more on creating happiness in others and you receive all missed happiness in your life by looking and enjoying a happy surrounding
when you realize there are many needs and limited resources - always fulfill the needs of all others first
always clean up your own life and surrender a fully healed body, heart, mind and soul to others when entering a relationship
when having a selection of things to share - always offer the most valuable, the best and nicest or most delicious things to others
when asking for salary - always ask for a honest salary - never for a precise amount. Always allow ALL others in same situations or positions to have equal or greater salary than you - never less than you. Leave the assessment of YOUR qualification to others when assessing your salary.
when receiving surprising visitors always offer your meal to them first and assure you have enough for all - make sure you always have sufficient quantity of good quality food available to share with anyone visiting you.
be always ready to share any amount of time needed by others whenever they need
your children, your partner, your entire family, relatives, neighborhood, village, country and planet - finally all creation - always should be first and you last ! This results in dropping any clan- or family-thinking or patriotism as a reflection of minor or hidden forms of selfishness.
never force others to eat what you prepare - but prepare the food they all love - be ready to prepare for each one a separate meal made to order !
when you have employees - always think of the overall wellbeing of all your employees first
when you have a housemaid or helper in your home - always treat them like your older brother or sister - with love and dignity, like any other beloved family member.
always afford the very best for all others
when several task need to be done - always select the dirtiest, most dangerous or hardest job for yourself first - leaving all the better jobs to all others
always strive for perfection in all you do - offering the best possible work and services to as many as needed
always be happy with your life and with whatever you are offered by others - whenever you are sure to give your very best possible you are receiving exactly what ever you need for your greatest possible spiritual benefit.
to proof selflessness, always be ready to physically and/or spiritually bow to the feet of all creation - here on earth and beyond - eternally
the happiness of all others including God's happiness should be your true and only goal in all action or decisions